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All theatre 3d the same?

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We have went to 3d movies while vacationing in Branson, and in Vegas a couple times over the last couple years. While home we go to a 3d theatre about 45 minutes away (closest one) but never see nearly as much depth at our theatre closest to home? At the different theatres in Brason and Vegas if you took your glasses off you see a blurry screen. At the one closest to home you could just about take off the glasses and watch it as 2d.....just a slight blur?

So, my question is, can theatres vary the amount of depth they show or is that preset and each theatre should look exactly the same? Anyone notice anything simular?
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Hello and welcome to the forums!

Was it the same movie being watched, but at two different theaters?
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All different movies. Probably 4-5 of them away from home and 4-5 at our home theatre (not our house). Just the depth in general seems much less than at our regular theatre?
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Just a guess, but I wonder if some theatres tone down the 3d effect to avoid the "it gave me a headache crap" maybe thats not even possible which is kinda my question?

Anyone here ever watch 3d movies at several different theatres??
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I've seen several 3d movies at different theaters, and was more inpressed with some, than others. At first, I thought it was the movie itself. But recently, I saw Underworld Awakening at the theater, and wasn't impressed at all with the 3d. However, while watching a 3d channel at home, I saw the trailer for the same movie, in 3D, and was blown away at the difference. So yes, I would say some theaters don't deliver the 3d in it's full potential.
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Sure seems to be a difference. We have 3d on 2 televisions at home also and both of them seem to have more general depth than this one theatre.

I'm wondering if the theatre actually sets 2 projectors up spaced apart.......and how far apart determines 3d depth in general?.....just guessing. Hate to have to find another theatre, they are so far away around here, but I keep thinking the next movie will be better............just seen Journey 2 and it wasn't any better (3d depth wise) and I don't want to waste my time and money when Titanic gets here.
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