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Viewsonic PJD 5123 / How to display 3D Content?

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Im super confused as to all the different types of 3d technology there is out there. All I know is I have a Viewsonic PJD5123 projector that is 3d ready and the glasses but how the hell do I feed 3D movies into it? I have a Sony BDP-BX57 that is 3D capable and the Component to VGA cable. What else do I need? Anyone please help. I cant find a single piece of information on how to display 3D content on this projector. Should I just sell and get an easier setup? Am I screwerd? Ahhhhhhhhh!!!
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I think your projector is limited to 3D from a computer output ( VGA ) as it is not HDMI capable. MODERN BluRay 3D that plays from your player outputs it's 3D Frame packed signal via HDMI. Projector needs to be HDMI and 1080 x 1920 native display with 3D frame packing to be compatible to modern 3D blu ray disks. If you connect your projector to your computer and go to You Tube 3D content you should be able to see 3D using side by side. Check your projector manual on how to set the projector for side by side 3D display.
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Thanks Don,

I guess I'm stuck with side by side since this projector unit has no HDMI connection. Ill have to research if this model does do Side by Side. Thank you for your help Don!!
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One more question. Does the movie have to be a 3d movie to be able to display it as side by side 3d or can I get program and turn any movie into side by side 3d? Any help is greatly appreciated.
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I have the same projector, what I did was feed a HTPC to it via VGA, hacked the acer drivers for Nvidia 3D vision to work, and used stereoscopic player to view the SBS files. Worked like a charm. Now getting the audio and video codecs were a pain, but I did get DTS 5.1 audio to work through my Onkyo reciever via optical cable. Its a pain, but it can be done. Blu ray 3D will not work unless you have the 3D STB that optoma or viewsonic makes.
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can you please explain what cables/adapters did you use please?
i have the same projector and i cant find a way to connect the vga to my macbook pro 15" retina (has hdmi 2 display ports)
i know how to spoof the projector as the acer but how do i connect it ?
and what glasses/kit did you also use ?
thank you alot !!
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I used the optoma DLP link glasses. Not sure how you display from a macbook pro, other than getting a 3D-XL box and running HDMI to it from the macbook pro. Just feeding an analog VGA cable to the projector will not give you 3D on your screen. I used stereoscopic player on the PC to display my 3D mkv files. If you have windows installed on a partition, you will need to get an HDMI to VGA converter.
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can you send me a link to the glasses ?
and i have a windows 7 partition so it should work fine.
and for the converter, if you bough one, can you also send me a link becuase theres alot of different ones on amazon
thank you alot i appreciate it
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Looking at the converter, doesnt it have to output at 120Hz for 3d to work ?
Because it doesnt say anything about the refresh rate
and with this set up can you play games just like nvidia 3d kit ?
Just making sure
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the projector is 120Hz...
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So I own the same projector as well. I have a converter so that I can get my 3D bluray player, hdmi outputted computers, and my apple tv. I have tried sterioscopic player, and several others players as well as 3D Youtube.

I have tried literally everything... i have 2 pairs of DLP link glasses, and I have connected serveral different computers, several different ways, the 3D does not work!

Anyone have any suggestions?
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what converter are you using?
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you need a device such as the Optoma 3D-Xl or a HTPC, otherwise it wont work. The projector is only capable of HDMI 1.3, and you need 1.4 for proper 3D blu rays to play, or an HTPC.
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Still I didn't get what is required for the 3D with this projector.
Can you please clarify - I have this projector and a notebook - can I watch 3D?

For example is it possible to watch youtube 3D video? Which option can support it?
Or if still stereoscopic player is required then what is the option that youtube 3D cannot support?

My guess is - the only option is that 3D must be supplied to the projector by sequential frames (left, right, left, right ...),
and the projector frequency must be set to 120Hz - but how does the player "know" about this framerate to feed the projector correctly?

Thanks in advance.
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your projector is 120Hz 3D capable. To view 3D content, a few things need to be done. With a "PC" notebook, you will need hacked drivers and a nvidia/ATI card that is capable of displaying 3D content. If your laptop isnt powerful enough, you display SBS video using a program called stereoscopic player. To view youtube 3D videos, you will still need to "trick" the laptop into thinking that it is connected to a legit 3D capable display. You will also need to choose side by side or over/under mode. The viewsonic cannot display frame sequential unless you have a set top box that transcodes the signal to a signal that the viewsonic can understand, like a Optoma 3D-XL.
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Okay, I'm glad i found this forum. You only have 2 ways you can do 3D with this projector. The projector i had before my recent one was a viewsonic pjd6211 projector that only had a VGA output like the viewsonic PJD 5123 you have now and i used it for 3D with my computer. Problem is that for the most part you have to have a computer for 3D to work with this projector. I've noticed that your trying to use a vga to HDMI converter to try and get 3D. Even with the optoma 3dxl, that set up probably wont work. SOME people have manged to take a VGA projector like your, hooked up a vga to HDMI adapter as above then hooked up an optoma 3DXL and hooked up a compatible 3d blue ray player and have managed to get it to work but for the most par,t with other projector, that WONT tend to work. Your projector only does 3D in one way and that is it takes the 120htz and does 3D called FRAME SEQUENTIAL. Your projector doesn't do Side-by-side, left and right or any other 3D format. though, I should mention, that once you get one of the 2 programs below working it will be able to take a 3D video that is side-by-side or what ever and convert it to something your projector can play. It only does Frame Sequential. Since you only have the vga and not even HDMI you have to use your computer and have to either use AMD HD3D with program called Tridef or you can use Nvidia's 3D VISION. AMD HD3D is what I use because thanks to the AMD HD3d tech it recognized my vga projector as an HDMI HD3D even though it only has a VGA. I repeat, since you are using 120htz 3D over a vga you have to use your computer.There are pluses and Minuses with each one I'll give the pros and cons of Nvidia's 3D vision and AMD HD3D.
Lets do Nvidia 3D vision to start with.First the Pluses. with Nvidia 3D vision.With Nvidia 3D vision there is better tech support for things, games especially if that's what you want to use it for. They tent to have more games that can be done in 3D then with AMD. Nvidia 3D vision is also compatible with Power DVD program so if you want to add a blue ray player to your computer and watch 3D movies. another good thing with Nvidia 3D vision is that you can go straight to youtube and watch a 3D video thanks to their partner with youtube. You don't get that with AMD HD3D if using THAT projector.
Now the drawback with 3D vision. There setup is propitiatory. If you want to play games in 3D then you HAVE TO buy their more expensive 3D vision kit that has the emitter and glasses bundled together which can cost almost $100 for it all, though you can find some used equipment from ebay. for cheaper. Nvidia 3D vision will not work if you don't have the 3D vision emitter hooked into you computer. Some have managed to hack their computer to make 3D vision think you have the emitter but that has many problems as well. . You have to have a Nvidia video card as well for the 3D vision to work just like you need a AMD video card for AMD 3D. Also, If you already have DLP glasses and decide to go the 3D vision rout then you WONT be able to use your DLP glasses with 3D vision to play games in 3D. Another draw back with 3D vision is that the 3D vision glasses tend to be to dark for me especially when compared to optoma DLP glasses that i use which are here


So, in short. if you want to use 3D vision you get better support for games but are stuck with having to use their stuff.

Now, lets go to the AMD HD3D side and discuss the pros and cons. Okay, with that projector you would have to use a program which is called TRIDEF. Here's the link to the website.


Lets deal with the pluses. One Good thing about tridef is that you would be able to use any DLP glasses that are compatible with your projector like the optoma ones above, that I as well use. They are brighter and aren't as dark as the Nvidia 3D vision glasses. Currently Tridef does not have the right to do 3D blue ray so you will have to use another program that is AMD HD3D compatible for your projector. The only programs for 3D blue ray that will work for your projector is TOTAL MEDIA THEATER. here's the link:


Another plus, with the AMD rout, is that certain games are AMD HD3D compatible and have native 3D built in them so you don't need and outside program like TRIDEF to play that game in 3D. ONly thing is needed is that your projector has to be on the list of AMD HD3D compatibility. I don't think that is on the list but even though it isn't it doesn't mean it still isn't compatible, I know, it's confusing, lol. Currently the pc games that have native AMD HD3D in it is Battlefield 3, Dirt 3 and Dirt showdown, Sniper elite v2, Sleeping Dogs, 2 Worlds II and DEUS EX: HUMAN REVOLUTION with more to come. I really like native AMD 3D though it does seem in some game to eat up more FPS then if i used the Tridef program.. Another big plus with Tridef is that tridef has a mode called power 3D that allows many games to do 3D that use up far less Frames Per Second when in 3D mode. I guess i need to tell you that when you do play a game in 3D that your Frames Per Second go down alot more due to the extra graphic load. This is the same with Nvidia 3D vision or AMD HD3D but Tridef but both sides are getting better at games running better in 3D. Tridef does tend, in my opinion, eat up less FPS when playing in 3D. Oh, One pluss for people with true HDMI 3D is you can actually use tridef with an Nvidia video card but you can't do that cause your ability to 3D for your projector only comes by the AMD HD3D
Now the down side to Tridef. Unlike 3D vision. AMD doesn't RUN tridef so the support for games is far less. 3D vision is ran strictly by Nvidia which gives far more support. Sometimes, Frankly, I wonder if people have fallen asleep at the desk with tridef LOL, but even with that if you do send a personal email to tridef they get back to you pretty quick not to mention you have the Tridef Forms. 3D vision does a better job at getting newer games 3D ready and gives improvements 3D wise with each new driver download for your video card. Tridef updates and adding new games does go slower then Nvidia. 3D vision also works with more games then Tridef but have found that Tridef does tend to work with most games. YOU just have to wait longer for a Update to download to work with new games that just came out. Another downside is that you do have to buy the tridef programs to use tridef. With the Nvidia 3D vision once you get the glasses and emitter your good to go. Not that way with Tridef. Now, the program is normally $50 but if you have an AMD card in your computer then you get a %50 discount and it's only $25. You can download a 14 day trial version to try it out though.
Another downside with Tridef is that you can't watch yourtube 3D straight from the youtube site. to watch a youtube video in 3D you have to download the video first using the website http://savemedia.com/ or some other site that can download a video that's on youtube. Once you download it you can watch it via the tridef program you get when you purchase the whole program. The tridef programs does games and videos. Just not blue rays yet.
Now, I think most of you guys with the projector are going to hit a wall. To do the AMD rout you need at least an AMD 5000 series video card to play games in 3D. If you want to play games and watch 3D movies then you need an AMD 6000 series video card. It has to be AMD not ATI. If you don't have this already in your lap top then you are unfortunately out of luck. You can upgrade your video card if you have a desktop with a pci express 16x slot . If you go the Nvidia 3D vision rout you to as well have to have a certain Nvidia card that is compatible with 3D vision.
With all that being said if you have any more questions then post them on here and I"ll get to them as soon as possible.
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wow, pretty confusing/complex
from this everything I understood that unfortunately I have neither AMD nor NVidia card.
my own laptop is old with ATI, and the office laptop has Intel graphics - so no solution for me.

Thank you guys - as I know now that there is no need to buy DLP Link glasses smile.gif
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Now, with all that being said. You could give the vga to HDMI adapter, HDMI to optoma 3DXl then to a compatible blue ray player that can do Frame Sequental(not sure which one does but there is a couple) and you might just get lucky. Buy the adapter up top or one like it off of amazon then buy you a used optoma 3D xl from ebay and the 3D blue ray player and give it a go. If it doesn't work you can just put the optoma 3D XL back on ebay and the 3D blue ray player to get some of your money back. It's a risk but it might work. Down side with that projector, which was the same with mine, is that once you put it in 3D mode the projector looses almost 60% of it's brightness then with the shutter glasses....Now, this was with my computer. Maybe with the setup I mentioned it might not loose as much brightness..Not sure.
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first off, all 3D blu ray players are frame sequential, second off, a 3D-XL set top box is the only way the projector would be able to work. If the OP only goal is to watch 3D blu ray movies, he needs to get a 3D-XL or similar box from viewsonic and DLP link glasses.
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Originally Posted by RonAlam View Post

first off, all 3D blu ray players are frame sequential, second off, a 3D-XL set top box is the only way the projector would be able to work. If the OP only goal is to watch 3D blu ray movies, he needs to get a 3D-XL or similar box from viewsonic and DLP link glasses.

Yeah, thats what I'm thinking. There just isn't a guarantee that the VGA to HDMI, then HDMI to Optoma 3D XL to blue ray player will work. Some have manged to attach a converter setup like that and got their VGA only projector to work that way. I've also read where others tried it and it didn't work. It's a Risk but it might pay off and work. It would be nice to know if anyone has tried it with this projector and gotten that to work.
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I have done this setup, but used hacked acer drivers on an HTPC, it works, but its a pain
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