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Official Toshiba xxTL515U Owner's Thread

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I'm surprised nobody started up a thread on these displays yet, and it's getting close to the end of this model series, iirc. So I'll start off by saying that these are pretty good bang for the buck for what you get. Not everyday that even 32" TVs have 3D and 240Hz in them, not to mention local-dim backlights. So far, I'm waiting on mine to ship out and get to me hopefully by the middle of next week. I'm hoping that this will be good for a PC monitor as well as for PS3 Blu-ray and gaming use.

So welcome me to the Toshiba family of owners here. This is my second display after getting a Samsung LN46A750 for my living room, this TV is being used for a small bedroom, where I have my PC and PS3.

Here are the primary features of this set, and let's hear from other owners of these sets, regardless of the size that you have, and your experiences with this:


1080p Full HD, the highest level of HD picture quality available today.

ClearScan® Get awesome, crisp images for quick-action sports and other fast-motion video.

Local Dimming With control of different "zones", it allows for precise and accurate dimming control for deeper images.

Gaming mode Enhances the gaming experience by reducing game controller delay.

Audyssey Dynamic EQ® Improves sound quality through special algorithms that calculate the difference between the original recorded audio level and the level at which it is being played.

HDMI port Scale up your gaming, movies and music on a home theater - with full 1080p high-definition video, and amazingly immersive surround sound.

3D capability Enjoy games and movies in truly immersive 3D

Skype® Make calls right from your couch with Skype® capable TVs.

Built-in WiFi Enjoy convenient in- home connectivity without the cable clutter to stream content from your media server or the internet.

InstaPort Connects in a fraction of the time, for faster HDMI switching between components.

3D Natural (Passive) 3D technology is ideal for families and gamers who want to enjoy in-your-face action, eye-popping movies and games in 3D.

Expert Mode Allows for more precise picture adjustments for a totally optimized home theater experience.


If you guys have any calibration suggestions as well, these too, will be appreciated in this thread. Anything you guys have to say about these sets, or any pros or cons you have, fire away.
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We have the 55" on display at my store. Good bang for your buck, but aside from their design I don't find the picture to be all that great. I'm assuming it's using an LG panel since it uses FPR, but the passive 3D looked worse to me than it does on the the LW5600. A fair amount of ghosting and crosstalk. Also, just to clarify, this an LED edge-lit set with local dimming; it's not backlit.
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@fatuglyguy - That seems to be true for the larger sized 3D LED TVs (42"+ category), I almost went that route, but considering that what I wanted was for a PS3 and PC display mainly, that led me to a 32" set, since I was going to be sitting in front of a keyboard and mouse and a controller for most instances (meaning approx. 1 - 2 feet from the screen, not sure).

Needless to say, when I was looking, this seems to have been the only game in town when it came to having all these bells and whistles in a 32" display. Most other 3D displays were only 60Hz, which would not have complied with nVidia's 3D Vision prerequisites. That was one of the reasons of getting this display over the Vizio or Sceptre sets. Also the Internet widgets on this seem to be a big bonus, too, when I'm not using the PS3 or PC, but still want a personal television (my Samsung LN46A750 is still the main set in the house, the Toshiba one's for the PC/bedroom). Otherwise, I should look forward to be happy using this as my display for the smaller room. We'll see.

EDIT: Well, actually, I think that AMD 3DHD should be also good with this setup, since I have an HD 5850 right now, which I might swap out for an Xfire setup with the HD 7xxx series later on this year. Since AMD's setup doesn't require dedicated 3D glasses, I'm pretty sure I might be ready to go right out of the gate with Toshiba's own pairs. We'll see how that one goes.
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How is the 2D gaming performance on this display. Most LED/LCD displays from Samsung and Sony cannot handle motion performance in gaming, namely black level and shadow detail severely color trailing. In deadspace every pan of the camera sends any black areas of the to trail or smear across the screen. I found this display pretty cheap, but with no way to test I trust your advice.
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