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Need a new receiver. Ohm queston/help.

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I picked up some used polk lsi9 speakers (4ohm). Ive been needing to replace my old onkyo anyway so I guess now is a good time. My question is will a receiver running in 6 ohm be ok for these speakers? Im having a hard time finding a complete home theater receiver that is 4 ohm stable.

Or if you want to suggest a receiver Im all ears.
1000 dollar price range please.
I need 3d ready and phono input.

Was looking at the Yamaha RX-A1010, any thoughts? Yamaha claims if its in 6 ohm it will run 2 4ohm speakers, I have no clue about this.

Thanks for any help, im lost.
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As you say, few receivers claim 4 ohm operation.

It's suggested to NOT use the 6 ohm switch, as that will limit power.

So the question is whether the receiver can handle 4 ohm speakers. Some will tell you there's never a possibility of problems. Some will tell you a receiver like the one you mention can handle them just fine if you give it proper ventilation ( as is explained in the receiver's manual.)

Some cheaper receivers are likely bad choices because they don't have a good enough power supply and design to handle them.

If you do get a receiver like the one you mention, with 4 ohm speakers, the worst case scenario, I think, is to play music loudly. That stresses the receiver more than movies. And at moderate volumes, it's likely not an issue.
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Thanks for your reply, im thinking I should have left these speakers where they were. My problem is champagne dreams on a beer budget.

I got a new 3d tv and that has started a ripple effect. I would like to have a better sounding setup for my vinyl listening but it needs to be multi use also, games and movies.

I may just sell these speakers back to the guy and start over from scratch.
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I know people have used those speakers with various receivers. Is it only two of them? You could ask in the speaker forum, or do a search. I did some googling, and I saw the usual spiel...people claiming you needed a lot of power for Lsi speakers.

So I could not find much of help for you.

I am somewhat sure some people have used them with mid level receivers. But I can't recall what their experience was.
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Yea just two. I was gonna use them up front. I listen to vinyl alot in two channel. Sounds like we got the same google results, ill give the speaker forum a try. Thank you.
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Just two, heck I would just give it a shot, unless you want to push the receiver to it's limits while playing "Tool" or something. I personally stick with 8 ohm speakers, but as I say, there are people here who insist you can use 4 ohm speakers with many receivers.

My only point is that they are likely not designed for such. But receivers in the price class of the A1000, should do just fine.
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Its not really the 4ohms that kill the receiver its how much lower than 4 it goes and how long it stays there and at what Hz.
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Many of us typically set our towers to small and send the bass to a capable sub, even for stereo listening. This also takes much of the load off the amps.

However, having just said that, lately I've been listening and enjoying "pure direct" 2 channel. Those woofers in my PSB towers must of almost went into shock after not being tested in a few years. Think I might have seen old dust flying though the grills.

I do happen to own a separate amp for the 4 ohm fronts, but if you listen at reasonable levels, there's no reason to believe the Yamaha can't handle it.
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