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*edit* I meant F2.2 speakers, not B2.2 speakers.

I currently have Athena F2.2 Towers, with a C1.2 center channel as part of my 7.1 theatre setup powered by a Rotel 100w 5-channel amp.

I am getting 3 x Revel I20 in-wall speakers used as a package deal, and can either put them upstairs in my TV living room, or downstairs in my dedicated theatre.

I cannot find much in terms of reviews of these older Revel in-walls. How do you think they will compare to my Athena Towers?

Which would you use in your dedicated theatre vs. TV living room?

I know many opinions will be to listen to them, then decide. I would like some opinions outside of that, which do you think would sound better? I cannot truly test the revels without installing them in-wall for their true sound, but will test them on speaker stands once I have them.