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My new addition...popcorn machine

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Ok. So my theatre room isn't finished yet but I couldn't wait to get a popcorn machine.
Who doesn't love the smell and taste of fresh popcorn when watching a movie right?
I did several comparisons online listing all the various features of each brand of machine before making a decision.
I was looking for a smaller unit (4oz,) because it is mainly my wife and I that will be using it. I figured that we could do multiple batches if the need arises.
Any ways...I settled on the Benchmark Street Vendor 4 oz. model.

It had several features that I liked. Some of the other machines also have these features but sometimes not in the 4 oz. models.

First off I liked the retro styling as it fits the room decor better.

I also liked the idea of a warming deck and "old maid" drawer.

The unit arrived (after I ordered it online) in about a week and a half without any issues.

There was virtually minimal setup and after a thorough cleaning inside and out it was ready to go.
I didn't like the color of the scroll piece on the top so I painted it gold and gave it an antique glaze to give it a richer color. It came a brown color that made it look cheaper in my opinion.
Here is the repainted version.

My first impressions are very good. It has a 3 year warranty and works very well.
I was surprised that the stirring motor was as noisy as it was but overall I like the features on the unit:
-Aluminum kettle
-Double plexi front doors
-Warming deck
-"Old Maid" drawer
-Retro styling
-Very good fit and finish

I hope this thread will give you an idea of what this model looks like if it is one of the models you are considering purchasing.

Oh yeah, here is a shot of where the unit power cord is located if that is something you would like to know.

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Thanks for the detailed review, dcg58. Congrats on your new popcorn machine! Our 4 oz. machine is plenty big enough for the wife and I. We just make multiple batches if we have friends or family over. I agree, the warming deck and the "old maid" drawer were must haves.

Our Paragon Cineplex doesn't have the quietest motor either. So, I don't know if it's an inherent issue, or not, with these machines.

I really like what you did with the scroll. And, I like the look of the double doors.
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Thanks. I wanted to put it out there for anybody interested in the Benchmark units. I couldn't find all that much on them and the pictures were pretty scarce.
As long as the motor lasts I can put up with the noise. The rest of it is built very well though so no complaints... yet (Hopefully never).
I will probably add some more comments when I have had it a few months.
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I am truely jealous of your theatre room!
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Thank you for your kind words. I am going to post a detailed thread with better pictures when it is finished in a couple of weeks. I am waiting on the carpet to be installed and the seamstress to finish the curtains. All I have left to do myself is complete the speaker and component covers and it will be done.
I am going to include a price breakdown in the event somebody wants to replicate parts of it or wants something similar but wants to shave their costs down a bit by changing certain aspects of the room they don't like.
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