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Just wanted to say thanks to the forum; I've tolerated DVD-RAM reading/writing issues with a Panasonic DMR-E80H for a while and the different threads here on cleaning the DVD drive hub/spindle were helpful in regaining something closer to function as advertised. These threads with pictures were especially helpful:


After the retail lens cleaners stopped helping, I finally broke down and pulled the case off to see what's what. In the case of this unit, I first tried just cleaning the hub/spindle on the drive, which was noticeably dirty; however, that didn't appreciably change the behavior. The lens didn't appear to be dirty, but after cleaning that, the drive is now able to read and write to DVD-RAM and DVD-R discs much more reliably.
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Another rather odd tip for RAM users is to occasionally wash your discs with soap and warm water
I use RAM discs fairly frequently for transferring programs between my various DVDRs, they work great for 3 months or so and then I start getting disc failures. The failures show up as stuttering and pixelating. The RAM discs seem to burn OK and copy to my 2nd HDD fine but both show the stuttering. When I HS copy from the HDD to R disc the HS burn stops and the the last title that has the errors didn't copy over, of course this wastes the space on my R disc so it no longer holds 4409 MBs If I don't wash the RAM disc I continue to get failures, generally in the same part. If I wash the RAM disc the errors go away, only to return 3 or so months later I don't know why this happens but others have reported similar findings with RAM discs.
Again I first record to HDD(which plays fine), then HS copy to RAM(this is where the errors occur but unless I watch it I don't know they are their). Next I HS the RAM disc to one of my other HDD Panasonics(which also goes fine but the title contains the errors) and finally I HS burn the title to a R disc(this is where I know their is a problem because the copy stops and the title doesn't show up on the R disc).
Washing the RAM disc and starting from the original recording gives me a good burn to my final R disc and of course the title is error free.
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A couple of seeks ago I actually had one of those type of errors in a title that i had copyied to a -RAM for temporary storage. (There was a very old thread on this forum with the title of something like "EVIL BITS" describing the phenomenon, so it's been going on for many years.) The corrupt part of the title I had copied was in a ten second static image! Really, a static image, and it was undetectable by just watching. Luckily, I was able to cut the offending part out without disturbing the rest of the recording. It is irritating though, and as jjeff has said, ocasional cleaning is important, ESPECIALLY with brand new -RAM disks. I think they come from manufacturing with a very thin coat of lubrication that scatters the laser light.
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