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Polk RC65i in wall for surrounds?

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Would the Polk RC65i in walls be a good choice for RS and LS surround speakers as part of a 7.1 system?

I have not decided yet on the LCR setup but I hope to get a timbre matched set from the same brand/family. Does anyone have any experience with these Polk speakers? My understanding is that the surrounds are not as important to match as the LCR speakers. What are your thoughts on these or any other brands in a similar price range. Here's my setup:

Basement home theater/TV room with fairly good acoustic properties
Denon 2312ci
Yamaha 10" powered sub (will be upgrading to better 12" BIC or HTS soon)
Sonance LB and RB speakers in ceiling behind couch
LCR setup to be determined but will likely go with high quality in wall speakers for LF and RF. currently have some old but good Inifinity speakers there in the meantime
Right and Left surrounds will be mounted in wall on each side of the main viewing area just above ear level about 6' away on each side

Thanks for any help in advance.

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I use 4 of these with a sub along with the Denon 2312 in my open main living room and it exceeds my expectation. I mean i did not expect them to sound this good. I was able to go on top of the attic and nail some plywoods on studs around these speakers, add some insulation around them to enclose them in boxes and the result is better bass respond. I highly recommend you doing so if possible. Auddesey drops them 20hz lower after nailing plywood around them than without.
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thanks for the tip. where im putting them there are actually vertical studs and strangely enough horizontal studs about every 24 inches so I already have a perfect frame there that I could put some plywood or mdf on to make a little box like you did. did you put any filler or insulation in the box with the speakers? if so what did you use?
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I use the rectangular piece of insulation that usually go between wall stud. You do not want to use filler (the blow-in kind going in the attic)
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I think you'll be pleased with the Polk in-walls. I had these in my bedroom and family room originally for whole-house audio, but after hearing how good they sounded, I got a few more and built out a 5.1 system. Had a stand-alone sub for the family room and the in-wall sub for the bedroom. Both rooms sounded pretty darn good!
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thanks just ordered them today
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Cool. Come back here to report how you like them.
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