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So I've recently got a projector setup for gaming and movies. I currently have two pairs of the 3D Vision 2 glasses so my wife can watch movies with me.

I'd like to be able to watch 3D movies with the kids as well, but there are three reasons I'd like to get the wired glasses for their use:
  1. My daughter is 4 and the 3D Vision 2 glasses are huge on her. I previously tried the original wireless glasses, and IIRC, they should fit her a little bit better.
  2. I'm concerned about the battery life of glasses when used too infrequently....I don't want the batteries to be dead (completely) if I don't use the glasses for several months straight (my typical luck with lithium based batteries).
  3. The wired glasses are a bit cheaper.

So, has anyone used wireless & wired glasses simultaniously? Could you please share your experience?