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Fluance speakers?

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I see that the newest post about Fluance speakers is almost three years old so, I thought I would ask. How are Fluance speakers? I realize they are not Focal or KEF but, how would they compare to say the Polk Monitor line or Infinity Primus line? I ask because their ads have been popping up lately in here.
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I think your first sentence answered the question. If the thread is 3 years old, I think you would be better off looking at the Polk or infinity. I think it comes down to the fact that there are better entry level speakers for the money from more well known manufacturers. I've read some of the reviews on them a couple of years ago. I have not personally heard them. If I recall they were extremely cheap for a 5.0 setup, but there were some obvious corners cut manufacturing wise. But they sounded decent for the cost.

I may be wrong. It's been a while since I read it. The past couple years there has been such great bargains like the Polks from newegg, the infinity primus, and others like the Jamo s606 or 426 package that they get more consideration for HT on a budget.
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You are probably right. I was just curious however.
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There are a couple different Fluance systems, but they all seem to get pretty good bang for the buck reviews...
I have recently heard the Fluance system (AV-HTB) AND own the Polk M40s. I would say the Polks are better...
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Fluance was a knockoff of the Flatulence brand. Now those speakers were a real gas.
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Don't listen to the people knocking these speakers, who've probably never heard them, I've got a set of the AVHTB+ with the upgraded center and they're good. The towers are the best thing, they sound really nice and balanced.
The whole package was $270 shipped (I bought the upgraded center off some dude on craigslist for $40). Very happy with the speakers, no doubt there are better speakers but I doubt there are better ones in that price range.
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There have been quite a few good reviews on the Fluance line over the years .. I owned a 5.0 set I bought direct from them off eBay several years ago and they performed well considering price / performance .. used them in a secondary system .. I never liked the name ..
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I would agree that Fluance is good for the price range!! and everyone that has heard them in my original setup for about 3 years never complained and a few of them have some much nicer setups. I eventually made a full change to my speakers and electronics and went to KEF's but I still use them in my secondary setup.
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