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New build (Mason)

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Enough reading...let's get this build started.

Received my design for Erskine Group and finally ready to get started. This build will be slow, please be patient.

My room/area dimensions are 170 x 258.5 x 106. The room will be used primarily for movie watching and general entertaining. Theater seating for six persons is desired. Contemporary styling in black and red/burgundy color scheme (similar to mcascio). Soffits, star field ceiling, AT cinemascope screen, speakers concealed in columns and behind false wall (proscenium) are desired features for this theater.

There is a bathroom (linoleum), closet (carpet), laundry room (linoleum) and hallway (linoleum) located above the area. There is also a game room on one side, storage on one end and foundation on 2 sides.

Equipment to be determined.

My next steps are to seal the concrete (foundation and floor) and workout details for wall/ceiling construction (gg, isolation clips, channel, etc...).

All suggestions welcomed and thanks for viewing.


basement.pdf 9.115234375k . file
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How to post pics in the thread (vs attachments)


Do you have any backer boxes? How long did your plans take?
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rabient, thanks for the link. I will do better next time.

No backer boxes (lights in soffits). The plans took about 2 weeks to complete. My request was submitted during a busy period and around the CEDIA trade show. No complaints about the service or end result.
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After reading airbenji's build, I may have to rethink the question about backer boxes. My construction is similar but my thinking was along the lines of can lights.

What are your thoughts concerning backer boxes?
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If you are only going to have lights in the soffits, and the soffits are built within the sealed room, you don't need to build backer boxes. If you are going to put holes in the main ceiling to mount can lights, then you would want to use backer boxes to prevent sound from entering/exiting the room.
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Family medical issues have taken priority over the theater build. Prayerfully I will be able to resume the build in the near future.

Thanks for following.
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The theater build is back on! The family health issues have been resolved and I am ready to resume the project.

Many changes have occurred since the last post and I will post pics and updates soon.
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Just returned home from a week of habitat work in New Orleans. That area still has a long way to go to fully recover from the hurricane.
The work we performed and the people I met has changed my life forever. I look forward to returning next year.

Now on to the build! (borrowed from mcascio)

* FRONT & BACK ROWS: 3 Straight Seatcraft 4373 Red Leather Motorized Recliners
* THIRD ROW: 3 Bar stools (tbd)

* Tirtrix (diy)
* SUB: 12" Velodyne

* BEFORE WALLS: 28' 9 1/2" Deep x 14' 10 5/8" Wide

* FINISHED ROOM AFTER SOUND PROOFING: 27' 2 1/2" Deep x 14' 8 1/8" Wide
* Front Row: 10' 4" from eyes to screen
* Back Row: 16' 5" from eyes to screen
* Projector: 16'8" from Lens to Screen
* Screen: 136" Wide 2.35:1

* RECEIVER: Denon AVR-4520CI (11.2)
* AMP: tbd



* IMAGE PROCESSING: Darbee Darblet DVP5000
* STORAGE: tbd
* PROJECTOR: Panasonic PT-AE8000U
* SCREEN: 112" Wide 2.35:1 AT Screen



* tbd


* Black and Graphite Walls - Anchorage 2335 GOM - Onyx 2016 and Graphite 2079

* Room Accents - Red Delicious 2014, Graphite 2079 and Onyx 2016

* Speaker Frames - FR703 GOM Black Fabric

* Top of Front Cabinet Below Screen & Sides of Vertical Front Cabinets Facing Screen - Protostar Self-Adhesive Flocked Light Trap Material

* Bordering Edges that the Screen sit's on - Black Triple Plush Velvet

The rooms above the theater is are bedrooms. One of the rooms next to the theater is a furnace room. So it's important to keep the sound out of the rooms above and prevent sound coming in from the furnace room.
Current plan of attack is to use one layer of 5/8" drywall, one layer 5/8 osb and Green Glue with sound absorption clips. Double stud walls will be on any framed walls.
* Minimum 1-3/4" Solid Core Door with automatic door bottom.

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Looks like you're off to a good start. I'm probably not too far from you down off Rt. 741. I had my theater built last year....but not ultra high end....but it can crank when it wants too.
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Thanks for watching my build. There have been several starts and stops, but we are rolling now! I live near v.o.a. park, off butler-warren.
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After a long contractor search, the build got off to a blazing start.

The crew arrived early Saturday morning and accomplished quite a bit by Sunday afternoon.


Bathroom Hall

Concession Area

Equipment Room

Theater Hall

Equipment Rack

View From Screen

Contractors will return Monday and continue framing. they will not return until next weekend. That should give me some time to run cables and purchase electrical items.
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The updates have been slow and for that I apologize.

Received lots of heavy rain just past weekend. Fortunately I discovered a leak in the foundation before the insulation was added in that area. Unfortunately, the waterproofing company can't fix the crack until Thursday, which will delay progress. best to find the issue now verses later.

The fabric frame color scheme will be red, black and gray. Finding the carpet is bit of a challenge but I may have found a supplier.

carpet and fabric samples

Framing, electrical and insulation nearly complete.

theater hall


bath hall

entrance to theater hall

concession area

view from rear of theater

Will finish theater insulation tomorrow and begin clip and resilient channel installation.
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I had a crack in my foundation in my old house....unfortunately the drywall was up. We had Vulcan Waterproofing of Cincy dig a french drain in the floor which took water to the sump pump. It worked. After the leak, I installed a small access panel in the drywall on the other side of the crack so I could see with my own eyes there wasn't any moisture problems lurking behind there.

Where did you find the cheapest insulation?
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Fellow Cincinnati (Kenwood) AVS member here. Looking good. I will try to keep up on your thread as I love watching AVS members build their rooms. Good luck.
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Thanks for following my slow but steady build.

I have a waterproofing company coming Thursday to fix the problem. They will drill holes thru the cracks and inject epoxy to seal the hole. Their process worked on another crack a few years ago so I am confident it will work again.

As for insulation prices, the big box store prices were about the same so I went with HD. Using my military discount has helped a lot. I purchased my lumber and sheeting through hd contract services and received a larger discount (15%-20%). I purchased my drywall from M & M because they carried them into my basement....well worth the additional cost.
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Keep up the progress....oh and +1 on the drywall, well worth the cost of admission to have others lug that stuff in biggrin.gif Like your color choices too, I think it will look very classy.
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The color inspiration came from Mcascio's build and the wife added the gray. Finding the "right" carpet has been a challenge and now the carpet store is not as reliable as I thought.


The contractor primarily work weekends and an occasional week day. We worked on the insulation, shower and started ib-1 clip installation.

ib-1 clips

started mudding

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Water leak fixed! Repair has 10 year warranty.

Saturday's to do list was filled with backer boxes, ib-1 clips, resilient channel and mudding. I had to order additional clips on Thursday and they arrived Friday, just in time for the weekend activities.

I did not take a picture of the completed backer boxes, but they are complete. The osb work began this morning. The contractor had to get a feel for the fine screw installation. They stripped the screws in the beginning but they worked it out. They use impact drivers on everything!

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Progress has been slow since the last post. Dealing with the contractors has been a challenge to say the least.
A few pictures to show progress to date.

Soundproof caulking

painted concession area

View from theater

Equipment closet and storage

Painted bathroom

Bathroom tile

Custom vanity and sink

Pool table converted to assembly table

We had my daughter's 16th birthday party last weekend. The project wasn't complete but we were able to clean up and move things around.

One of the walls was painted with chalkboard so she and her friends could go be creative.

Hoping to get back to the theater this weekend.
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I saw the title of your thread and it grabbed my attention. We live in Maineville, but are intertwined with Mason (wife's job, kids' school, family, etc.). It's good to see another local here and I will certainly follow this thread with great interest.
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Thanks for taking the time to read and comment on my build. I live near voa park, off Butler-Warren. We ride the bike trails often and enjoy the beautiful scenery in your area.
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Progress has slowed on the theater. I had the unpleasant task of parting ways with my contractor the week before Thanksgiving. I will complete the bathroom, flooring and theater after I find some to hang and finish the drywall in the theater. The first quote seemed high but I may be out of touch with labor rates in my area. Worst case, I will buy a drywall lift and do the work myself.mad.gif

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Progress continues after contractor issues resolved!

Bathroom completed.

Found another contractor to hang and finish drywall.

I will start hanging soffits and button up hvac runs this weekend.

While reviewing my speaker layout, another question comes to mind. For those with multiple seating rows, how are you positioning the side surround speakers?
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Progress to date:

2 rows of 3 chairs

Used 1.625 x 20 ga. trak to construct soffits

Register boxes w/ OC duct liner

Soffits and duct runs complete

Stage construction begins!
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Latest Updates!

Front stage constructed and sand filled. Created template to cut curves on front edge. Curves successfully cut!

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Originally Posted by awilcox View Post

Latest Updates!

Front stage constructed and sand filled. Created template to cut curves on front edge. Curves successfully cut!

Not to really 'quote'... but wanted to say I am in Mason, Ohio as well and just starting to finish my basement/ plan my theater build and saw you are in Mason as well!!   Curious, are you doing much of the work - or mostly contractors?  

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Thanks for finding my slow but steady build! The project was contracted out until we parted ways. I then subbed out the drywall portion and began the lone journey of finishing the job. Where in Mason are you located?
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Originally Posted by awilcox View Post


Thanks for finding my slow but steady build! The project was contracted out until we parted ways. I then subbed out the drywall portion and began the lone journey of finishing the job. Where in Mason are you located?

I live over off I-741 just south of Route 42...

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I live off butler-warren near voa park. Are you planning to do the work yourself or contract it out? I wolud be willing to share my findings on the contractors I interviewed....if you like.


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Originally Posted by awilcox View Post

Pool table converted to assembly table


What kind of Lights are those?  They look fairly 'small', are they retro-fit LED one's?  Are you doing backer boxes for those, or will they be in the soffits 'inside' the Theater construction (so, not needed since you did soundproofing already!).



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