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Best Receiver Settings for 2 Channel Audio

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Just wanted to make sure I have the basics covered as I have a new Onkyo Receiver NR509. I did not know if I need to manually adjust any of the receiver's audio settings for ideal 2 channel audio. I already did the auto calibration.
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Pure Direct Mode or similar will feed your speakers an uncolored signal, if your receiver has it. You may or may not like the results as the room correction from Audyssey may give a more precise in room response. Try and see what you like.
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This is a rather subjective and personal taste issue for me.

My Yamaha A/V has a direct mode and whole bunch of "other" modes for 2 and 7 channel "stereo" and personally I don't care for any of them.

Going a bit further, I really don't like using my A/V receiver for dedicated music only. I used to have my CD changer in my system and was not happy with not being able to "shape" the sound to my liking and environment. That and not being able to use my turntable without it sitting outside of my entertainment center because it doesn't fit any of the shelves to be useful without significant modifications.

I solved the problem by purchasing an Onkyo TX-8255 2 channel receiver and hooking up my vintage Tapco 2200 10 band EQ, passive sub and a pair of Cerwin Vega LS-12's (if I'm remembering the model # right) Set up in my preferred room for music and now I can "play" with the sound as it applies to different media including vinyl and styles.

This may or may not suit your means or needs but it's what I preferred to do.
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turn all that off, hit pure audio - really dont care for DSPs like "church" "hall" "stadium"
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