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Samsung BD-ES6000

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Just bought a BD-6000 from ABT for $179.00. I will post my views when I get it.

Samsung Black 3D Blu-ray Disc Player, Model BDES6000

Get maximum 3D Blu-ray™ thrills from a stunning design that’s only slightly larger than a disc, with the Samsung BD-ES6000 Blu-ray Disc® Player. Start with Samsung’s Disc to Digital feature – a great way to unlock movies straight from disc to cloud storage – so you can enjoy your favorite movies whenever and wherever you want. Explore the online world with a Full Web Browser, made even easier and faster thanks to the built-in WiFi connection. When it’s time for cinematic 3D thrills, Samsung’s 3D Blu-ray™ technology gives you the best in picture quality and captivating immersive depth. Yet all this power is contained within a compact design that fits anywhere.


Smart Hub
Samsung Smart Hub has retooled its Smart Hub feature to further expand its access to a world of online entertainment. Smart Hub also allows you to search through hundreds of apps and use the fully optimized Web Browser for a seamless user experience
Full Web Browser
Easily stream your favorite movies and TV shows, download apps, shop online, browse the web, update your status on Facebook® and Twitter,™ and enjoy all of the benefits of full web browsing right on the big screen
AllShare™ Play
Enables your Blu-ray™ Player to access and stream content from any compatible device, like a PC, smartphone, tablet or camera. That means you can share movies, photos and music all through a single device – your Blu-ray™ Player. Now with the benefits of cloud technology, you can access and even share content when you’re away from home
Disc to Digital streaming service
Unlock a digital copy of your DVD collection and access your movies on multiple connected devices
3D Blu-ray™
Play 3D titles or intensify your viewing experience with the Samsung 3D Blu-ray™ Player
* Full 3D experience requires 3D-native content, 3D TV and 3D Active Glasses
WiFi built-in
With a wireless LAN built in, it is easier than ever to access your apps and enjoy online content
BD Wise™ Web
With the Samsung BD Wise™ Web feature, you can watch web-quality videos in high definition on your TV. It automatically optimizes Internet videos by boosting picture quality so that images are crisp and text is legible. BD Wise™ Web can even resize the video ratio so that the edges aren't cropped off


Playable Disc Type: BD, DVD, DVD±R, DVD±RW, CD-DA, CD-R, CD-RW
Video: H.264, MPEG-2/4, Xvid, MKV, HD JPEG, WMV (1/2/3/7/9), AVC HD, VC 1
Audio: MP3, AC 3, LPCM, WMA, AAC , Dolby® Digital, Dolby® Digital Plus, Dolby® TrueHD, DT S,™ DT S-HD High Resolution Audio,™ DT S-HD Master Audio™
HDMI®: 1
USB: 1 (Rear)
Optical digital audio output:: 1

Approximate Dimensions:

Height: 2.2"
Width: 7.36"
Depth: 7.36"

Approximate Dimensions:

Unit: 2.34 lbs
Shipping: 4 lbs

I bought it mainly for the MOG app. and UltraViolet.

Also comes with remote/keyboard for web browsing (QWERTY)

I wonder how this player will compare with the new Panasonic 500.
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I canceled my Samsung order. I am trying out Panasonic and HDI Dune Pro.
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Anyone else buy this model? I was curious and am contemplating it.

Please share your impressions!
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I have a new bd-es6000...
there are several apps not out yet.... samsung site is a real mess right now to purchase app dollars....
you need the keyboard to really do any entry of numbers etc.

the dvd is ultra fast on the boot up!!
the player is small....
and netflix works good on it...

still wating for hbo go app

all in all maybe a 3 out of 5 rating for now......
samsung customer service is non exsistant... just scripted folks....
you can do better with the owners manual!!
I spent 2 day's working on the apps and finaly got an e-mail to the ceo... and now it is in the reports of issues on the site....

a roku looks like a better value as far as apps..... and then I think I will be with a sony blue ray player for the blue ray or I will go back to my old (2011) sony dvd player.....

I have not upgraded to new hd yet... I am doing the scaler adapter for hdmi to composite and s video....

maybe this weekend the tv I want will be in stock at walmart......
they were sold out.....

so I say wait and see.......
it is nice but.... not ready for retail yet!!

Paul in Iowa

New update: the Samsung is still glitchy at best... the roku works like a swiss clock!!
every time I want to use it is works!!
save your money and buy the roku if you want apps only...
sony or panasonic if you want the blue ray too!!
avoid the samsung for now..... customer service is just not there to really help... just scripted...

Paul in Iowa
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the keyboard is on the screen and not seperate as of today...
the model number of the good keyboard is VG-KBD1000
they are on e-bay for 100.00 from over seas with korea and english lettering..
but it has the full remote built in!!
best way to go for sure!!
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new updates....
well samsung tech services is worthless.....
all scripted out of the usa folks....
I am being nice here!!
So here is the best fix I have for this unit be
sides a big hammer grin!!
reset smart hub... this will make the player force to take the latest software..
you will have to sign in again to all the stuff like netflix, hulu plus, pandora you will have to use pc and re code on the site as www.pandora.com/samsung enter in the code from the player and sign in on the net with your pandora user and pass then click enter on the blue ray player.. it should work then!!

mine was coding again that it could not connect to the server at samsung... a smarthub reset fixed this!!

35 years of customer service I have yet to see a real problem like samsung's help line..... we need a class action that would fix that!!
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Anyone know if the touch buttons or the loading slot are supposed to light up on this player? I have one and there is a white light on the right side that is lit when the unit is turned off, but when turned on it goes out and the entire panel is dark. I know a lot of people are not fond of lighted control panels, but in a dimly lit room a black player on a black shelf is hard enough to find let alone load a disc or bush a button.
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Well,my brother just purchased one of these last week and that was the FIRST thing he said he DIDNT like about the player,so I highly doubt the player is defective,I think its just the way the player is,NO front panel lighted display.What I dont understand is why would Samsung have it on their other slot-in players and NOT this one,but then again,thats SAMSUNG for ya!
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Maybe we'll get lucky and it's a firmware issue. It could be there is supposed to be a setting for the lighting in the menus.
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Any feedback from owners as to how good this player is playing Blu-ray discs? I'm more interested in its very compact size for use in a limited space bedroom set-up. Some smallish Samsung players have not gotten very good feedback in the last few years.


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I guess I am fuming a bit and trying to see if there is anything that can be done.

I use Samsung bd-es6000.


Before the latest firmware update, everything was working fine ... now ...

1) Cinavia protection is popping up. Never had it before ... so ... had to buy WD Media Device

2) Screen size change ... before used to be able to press "Screen" button on remote and it have 3 options (Original, Option 1 Option 2). Option 1 was best ... lost just a bit of screen on the sides but nothing too major and yet nicely increased size of picture. Now ... Option 1 does nothing and Option 2 just stretches everything


How can I just go back>??? Anyone?
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