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IR Light Switches...

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I'm looking at getting something like this:


My question is, the couch is a ways ahead of where the light switch would be, and I'm wondering how I'd control the light switch without having to point the remote behind me.

I know that IR repeaters do that, and I already have one, but I don't really want to have an IR receiver hanging from the light switch itself.

How would I go about doing this so that the light switch looks nice?
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You could use an IR blaster instead of the repeater that connects direct to the device. The IR blaster could be hidden somewhere else in the room.
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An IR blaster? Isn't that just what connects to the front of the device (like the AV receiver, bluray player, etc. )? If so, I'm trying to avoid that so I don't have to stick the blaster to the light switch plate.
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An IR emitter is what your thinking. An IR blaster floods the area with the IR signal. You simply need to place the IR blaster within reasonable line of site to the switch. The maestro has pretty broad range so this shouldn't be to difficult.

What do you use for a remote now?

Logitech has an IR extender with mini blasters similar to the one available with the 900 (FYI the 900's unit is RF then blasts out IR). I just mean they look similar.
The big unit is a blaster, along with the mini blasters.

You can also use something like the x10 power mids or something similar. You can google search IR extender for options.

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You can also simply bounce the beam off a mirror, window, picture or other reflective surface in front of you.
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I have the Harmony One remote.

And this is my repeater that I have:

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You can try something like this if the signal does not reach the switch from bouncing of the walls or other objects as mdavej suggests. IR bounce probably will work but it may not be consistent.

Or you could get a couple of the Logitech 900 mini blaster emitters for 2 bucks from Logitech and a 3.5mm (male) to 2.5mm (female) adapter to make it work with your existing setup.

Last item on this link are the mini blasters.

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