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AE100 need help!  

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projecter: PT-AE100 DVD player: Pioneer 838A

when I use RGB to connect with AE100, when I uses 525I, picture is just fine, but when I switch the button on the backside of 838A to Progressive, the picture looks blur (unclear, all looks double lines), as my understanding, PT-AE100 should support PDVD, but how can I use it properly?

your comments are much appreciated.
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IF you are connecting the dvd player through 'component' video cable's(3 rca plugs) then yes it will support progressive dvd. As far as I know the RGB is the monitor like connection and this should always give a progressive type signal. I think.

Anyone else?
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yes, I connect with compoent between AE100 and Pioneer 838A, but when I use progressive mode, picture looks just unclear, using inter progressive, picture is ok.

Is it AE100 can not work with 838A at Progressive mode? or something wrong what I did?
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It should work as far as I know. On my Toshiba, I think I have to shut the dvd player off after swithing to progressive(switch on rear), then I have a button on the remote that I can switch between Prog & intelaced. When switching, the ae100 will go black and then sinc. onto the new signal.
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As my understanding, it should work, 838A have the same button on the back of it, I can switch Interface/progressive/menu, when I switch it from one mode to another, AE100 will change black, but the proplem is it can not work properly at progressive mode, I will try shut it down and restart it again for progressive mode, hope it works.

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The AE100 might not support 525p. 525p is NOT the same as 480p. Some pj's that do nicely with 480p will not show 525p.

Hope restarting the 838A solves the issue!
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The AE-100 does support 525p, according to the manual. My AE-100 is component fed from a Panasonic RP56, and displays 525p as the signal type when using the progressive output from the RP56.
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it shows that it show support 525P and 480P, what happened to my AE100?
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did you try to adjust focus on the lense ? maybe that's the problem ?
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when I use 525I, picture is fine, just change to progressive, it looks unclear.
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You might try a different set of component cables. It could be the dvd player also.
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