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Troubles with HDMI over Cat6... do I have BAD cables?

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I have purchased 2 sets of Key Digital HDMI over CAT5/5e/6 baluns (CATHDX). The first set was used with 2 CAT5e cables and work great... this was actually my first time terminating CAT5e.

The other pair are for use with 2 CAT6 cables over a 90 foot run. They have not worked. I have ruled out the baluns (put them in place of the others in the working scenario above), so I am left with the CAT6 cables or my termination skills.

I have terminated the two CAT6 cables 4 times each (on each end) using 568-B standard, twice using standard RJ45 connectors, and twice using a specific CAT6 RJ45 connector. No dice.

I have a RJ45 tester from Klein Tools that shows on one cable I have wires 1 and 2 in "open", and on the other cable it shows all but wires 3 and 6 are in "open".

Well after terminating 4 times, I then tried using CAT6 network jacks to terminate them. SAME results on the Klein tester.

The CAT6 cables are running above the drywall ceiling of a finished basement, by can lights and then to a pool room. The pool room has several cans in the ceiling also, and is under a concrete deck that has lots of steel in it.

Any ideas on what is up here? Do I just have bad cables installed or maybe they were nicked? Are they getting too much interference?

I am by no means an expert when it comes to terminating these babies, but I feel like it now!

The only other cables that were run to that room are a standard coax and 1 CAT5e... so any other options to get hdmi over there?

Thanks much for your ideas and comments...
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If you are getting an open on certain pairs, that means you need to go back, clip off the ends, which I am guessing if you have not done before reterminating, you will never get it to work.

What I do, is will either use the back of my drywall knife blade to push down the wires a bit, or use the little tool, which works for a couple of times, to get the wires seated. It is more of an art than anything, and practice works to get it right.

Make sure that you have plenty of light, when doing the terminating of the keystones, and keep the diagram right there, or print off a larger size picture of a 566b connection, and take your time, even if it takes you longer than two minutes. I can do a keystone in probably a minute from start to finish, working with a patch panel takes a little longer.
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thanks gregzoll...I actually clipped off the ends every time on re-termination... so I was starting from scratch everytime. I don't understand how I can get the CAT5e no problem, but can't get these down.
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Cat-6 is a lot harder, due to the heavier wire gauge. Make sure that you are using the correct keystones.
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Just terminated them again starting fresh (cutting down a couple inches from old termination), EXACT same open pairs...
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Then probably bad cables most likely. If they were not in conduit, most likely got cut during drywall install. You can call a network install company, and their tester can tell you at what point it is open in the length.
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OK thanks...this is what I suspected... I guess the only option now is to do HDMI over that 1 coax or the 1 CAT5e... though I think over coax would be better.
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