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I am currently designing a new home to be built. I would like some experts' opinions on what I can have installed (power, CAT6, etc) from the beginning to best suit a future expanding system. I do not plan to have a dedicated theater room, but I do want to have A/V distribution to main living area, game room, patio, etc. I am looking at the Nuvo system and it seems to be a good suit for what I want, but I suspect there are other options. Any advice is welcomed.
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Start here:


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That is exactly the type of info I needed! Thanks! What about automation systems? I am sure there is a good run down and comparison of the leading brands.
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Automation? or distributed music systems?
Very different animals altogether.

Keep in mind that the programmer is one of the most important factors in choosing a system. You can have 2 vastly different Crestron systems depending on the way it is programmed. One can be difficult to use and frustrating while the other may be very simple to understand and enjoyable to use.
Unfortunatly, many people lump them all into one and think that the hardware is to blame and not the way it is designed and programmed.
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Might help if you had your location listed. There may be someone local who could give you a hand.
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Ifor, you are spot on to the problem I want to solve before it is a problem. I am building in Austin, Tx. I want complete system to control a) 8 zones of audio distribution, b) security (alarm at a minimum, locks possibly), c) lighting, d) hvac in one solution, and i would like to control via phone/ipad in addition to room specific keypads. I am curious about the need for keypads if i can have ipods. I amalsotrying tofigure out howmuch wirless to rely on.
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I would investigate a Crestron dealer in your area and discuss what you are trying to achieve. You can do most everything you want to do with Crestron. Adagio for the distributed music system, and full lighting system with control over the alarm panel. Crestron also makes their own t-stats as well. And also pool/spas control.

You can choose from different panels in the home to using Apple products. But I would suggest using hardwired as much as possible as they are faultless.

You can contact Crestron for dealers in your area.
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After following advice here along with friends, I have decided on the following and respectfully ask for critiques:
-For audio, I want to go with sonos. I will still utilize a bose surround sound system for the main tv/movie room, but other zones will simply have a 5 speaker sonos unit. This eliminates a great deal of speaker wiring and takes advantage of the growing use of wireless.
-I will utilize a crestron system to control lighting, environment, security and possibly sprinklers.
-For each tv drop i will have coax and double cat6 to take advantage of the new directv slim profile boxes. This will also allow me to send hdmi from a central point using converters.
-Every room will have double cat6 drops in two places. I may drop them in many places, but keep them behind the wall instead of plating them all and mucking up the rooms with plates. This will be in addition to security and thermo panel locations which will each have double cat6 drops as well.
-I have a dedicated closet to house all centralized equipment. It shares an exterior wall, so I can install an exhaust fan for temp, and also easily pull in wire from outside.

Any critiques?
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