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Payment problem

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Had a free trial for Netflix and found it OK for watching older movies as they have no new films on their website.
When the free trial was up I got a notice that my payment method was not working. I am using Pay Pal. When I phoned Netflix they said the sent for a payment but got no reply and to phone Pay Pal and see why. Phoned PP and they said they never got a request from Netflix. Back to Netflix, they say they will send another request and to wait 45 min. and I should be OK to go. Right, an hour later same message no payment. Back to Netflix and womans says no problem she will take off the hold, you got it, nothing happened, back to Netflix now I am told no one can take a hold of an account and this woman is going to tell me the truth about what is happing. She says that they are having a problem connecting to PP and she does not know how long it will be before it will be fixed. I said maybe I should go to Hulu Plus, she says "Go for it." She didn't seem to care if I stayed with Netflix or left.
Not having a good experience with Netflix CS.
Anyone else paying with PP having a problem.
I am not giving them a CC number that is why I have PP to avoid doing just that.
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My CC company offers a 'Shop Safe' card number-a virtual card number for use online. You can set a limit (say $100) which prevents any charges on it from exceeding that. You may want to see if your company has something similar.
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They've had my credit card number for years with no problems. If I were you I would switch to Hulu if you don't trust Netflix. Whatever makes you feel comfortable, life is too short for hassles.
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Remember that many of these support people don't actually work for Netflix. They probably work for some contracted out supplier. They don't have any real affinity to any particular company. Who knows, maybe they also do support for Hulu!!
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Thanks for the replies, I will check into the virtual CC or just go ahead and give them a CC number, I usually only use a Debit Card but I have a CC so if I get unauthorized charges it won't be as bad a having my checking account drained.
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