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New Build - Advice appreciated...

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Hi - Hello to everyone on the forum! Apologies if I've posted in the wrong forum. I'm new here and have been browsing to try and do some research but with so many options available it's all starting to get a little confusing on what route I should be taking.

A brief background info... I'm moving into a brand new property which I would like to have networked up to play video / audio in the living area, all 4 bedrooms, the bathroom and the office.

The property has CAT5 in every room, however they stupidly didn't put it where the TV's should be mounted on the wall, I do have coax and power points in all the rooms mentioned where the TV's should be though. I will be having two sky boxes installed where all the coax and ethernet come back to which is below the stairs. I already have 2 x 46" Sony LCD's, 1 x 55" Samsung and a 20" TV installed in the bathroom.

I have had three quotes so far, one from B&O and two from other companies on solutions, however they all seem to be more than I think they're worth, they've offered me Kaleidescape (which is nice but with my "collection" of movies in different formats doesn't appeal so much), Crestron Media and a Control4 solution... I did set a budget of 20k GBP for this setup and think I can get a lot more for my money than what these guys are offering as well as doing it myself and learning how it works in the process...

What I have been looking at is having the following:

2 x Sky Boxes
1 x Pioneer SC-LX85 Receiver
1 x XBMC / SQL server (To allow pausing and watching movie elsewhere)
1 x 6TB NAS (File server)
3 x Netgear MCAB1001 (Ethernet over Coax)
3 x Revo RL100 3D (Clients)
2 x iPad or Android Tablet to control everything.
1 x Some sort of Control Processor? (Not sure how to implement this)
1 x Surround sound system for living area... (Kef ?)

I've been keen on using XBMC as it's free and I've had some experience with it before but I'm open to any suggestions.

I'd REALLY appreciate some help / advice / assistance on what you think I should do and how I can possibly implement it.

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Other than the media server, what did you find you were under/over sold on, and where did you see the value of the system lacking? Is this a 1 room control system?

What was the total scope of the job other than the equipment listed? When you say control from smart devices, what are you expectations? Tablets don't replace standard handhelds as a primary controller in a lot of cases.
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The equipment I've listed isn't what they were trying to sell to me and they weren't trying to overcharge me or give me more than I needed. It was more a case of "I can do this a lot cheaper and by myself with readily available equipment".

I'm looking to have video / audio in all bedrooms, living area and possibly office and bathroom. To control through a single tablet upstairs and a single tablet downstairs. The ipads they were showing me controlled everything due to a Crestron home processor.
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If you want system design advice you're going to have to get a lot more specific than that!

How many rooms of audio & video, how many rooms of audio only, what kind of control for these rooms (global tablet will not be where it needs to be when occupant of room wants to control the system)? What are you audio and video expectations?

Do you want high definition matrix switching? Component Video or HDMI?

Will equipment be centrally located, or local to the room?

Does the network need to be setup as well, or is there is an existing competent network?

Where they supplying a fully functional system for your budget of $20k. $20k seems fair/low for a professionally installed system meeting your criteria depending on the particulars.
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Hi Brad,

No offence and please don't take this the wrong way, but ALL the information you requested is in the first post I made... It's 20K GBP, which is around 32K USD.

I'm looking for HD quality video in the rooms mentioned previously I guess through an HD Video Matrix. Everything will be centrally located beneath the stairs.

I've been thinking of the following:

1 x Crestron MC3 (Controller)
1 x Pioneer SC-LX85 (AV Processor)
1 x KEF T205 System (Surround for Living Area)
1 x SAMSUNG UE55D8000 (TV for Living Area)
6 x Emitters (Xantech?)
2 x Ipad+Launch Port (Control Crestron)
3 x Revo R100L 3D (Clients)
1 x 6TB QNAP NAS (File Server)
1 x XBMC / SQL Server
2 x Sky Boxes
3 x Power Ethernet Plugs (Keep tidy ethernet points behind TV)

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