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Thin, flat, shallow? For behind the screen

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I want to conserve as much space as possible. My current setup has the speakers in front of/around the screen. I'd like to put them behind, but my current front stage is rear ported. Does anyone here know of a project I could use or modify to make the speakers as flat as possible against the wall and maybe only take up 6" or so? Or does this idea just suck balls? What's the min distance from speaker to screen material?

And what is this called? A thin speaker? Flat? Shallow?
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Originally Posted by DevonS View Post

And what is this called? A thin speaker? Flat? Shallow?

Try Googling "on wall speaker", that's one option. Or quality in-walls, if you don't mind punching holes in the wall behind the screen. Or build a false wall a couple feet in front of your screen wall, and mount the screen on that (and the speakers behind it).
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On wall is a Last Resort option......tooooo much diffraction. Inwalls a much much better solution. If you can do I walls, building internal enclosures makes a HUGE difference in performance and there's DIY designs adaptable for such....Zaph has a great I wall MT and MTM variant. Little to no edge diffraction, no BSC required yields increased efficiency.
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The theater is in the basement. The screen wall covers a window in an outside wall. The concrete walls are framed with 2x2 and covered with 1/8" wood panelling. I think that kills inwall options, no? What if I ripped out the 2x2 framing, mounted the speakers (iwall or otherwise) to the concrete, and insulate/safe-n-sound the whole works to be roughly flush with the front of the speaker. Does that effectively make it "in wall"? I'd have a wall of insulation with speakers stuck in.
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I think I found a suitable build here using Zaph audio components: Center channel single

Mayhem... is this the setup you were alluding to?

Everyone... do you see any serious pitfalls with this approach? Other "better" suggestions (subjective, I know), since I'm not married to this one just yet?
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I completed a spandex AT-ish screen on the weekend, and I gotta say the image is quite impressive. With that out of the way, and the fact that the screen weighs next to nothing, I may tear out the wall and "git 'er done" over the summer. Still planning on using the Zaph ZA5.3 kit.

Now, here's my plan with questions:
I want to flush mount the screen so essentially the screen area will be recessed by about 3/4 inch to make it flush with the rest of the wall. The screen "hole" will be 103" X 58" (118" diagonal) and the speakers will be mounted within/behind this recess.

1) Will this cause any significant baffle-step-somethin's or freqency-null-and-void dealio's? See below for proposed picture.

2) I'm currently running an Onkyo 605 receiver. I'm assuming this receiver should be able to drive these without blowing up, but I know nothing about electrical engineering. Anyone have any additional info?

Looks like this:
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