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Originally Posted by Ovation View Post


This will give you what you want. A friend of mine bought last year's model for his cottage. Much better sound than Bose radio. Much less expensive. It has a CD player, tuner and iPod dock built in.

Or, for an equally compact system with better sound quality, for a little more cost but still in your price range, you could get the "integrated receiver" only from that Yamaha mini-system (not the speakers) - the "integrated receiver" is sold separately as Yamaha model CRX-332:

and then order bookshelf speakers separately from an Internet-direct company that specializes in loudspeakers, such as Ascend Acoustics CBM-170:

The cost is $300 (Yamaha CRX-332) + $376 (Ascend CBM-170) = $676
(and yes it makes sense to spend more on the speakers than the electronics if you care about sound quality at this price level)
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Similar to the Yamaha:

SC-N7 Speaker System & RCD-N7 May be what you are looking for:

Or the Marantz version:

Leaves you $300-400 for a pair of bookshelf speakers. Denon has the SC-N7 matching speaker. They also have a bookshelf system in the $400 range comparable to the Yamaha. I'm not sure if you can find these in store, but they are available on Amazon.
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Originally Posted by stevenmartin625 View Post

I was looking at the Bose wave but it is too pricey for my budget right now.

Is there any CD players that are very similar to the Bose ?
I want something that has a simple set up and a really smooth bass at a reasonable price.

I'd look at the various HTIB (Home Theatre In a Box) products, and analyze them as a player of audio CDs. That they will play audio CDs and other media is a slam dunk. I note that portable digital player interfaces are a common feature.

Google is your friend, and going to Amazon and searching on HTIB will get you a lot of alternatives.
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That is a lot of budget for a CD player. Why not get a good blu-ray player for that price? Or a PS3?
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