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I got a helpdesk request from my eldest son yesterday. He set up the projector and said the bulb was real dim.

Much later I had determined that the power light was solid green (which is what you want) and the other two lights were off (which is also what you want). However it was still dim and when you killed the lights all you saw was a purplish screen. No laptop, help or menu screens would display.

I did all of the epson approved harry things like trying different cables and reseating the lamp but no go.

This morning I called epson and they said it had to be a hardware problem and since my warranty was 2 weeks past (actually 6 but apparently they will extend 4 weeks if you ask) I was SOL. They gave me the name of a local repair shop and a link to buy discounted epson projectors. I called the repair guy and he wanted $120 just to diagnose the problem. So I got my screwdriver out.

I pulled the cover off and looked for burned up goobers on the main board but didn't see any. I removed the 4 screws to the mainboard so I could look at the other side but it wouldn't come out. I tried to remove the power supply but it became apparent that I'd have to tear the whole thing down and I didn't feel all that confident that it would go back together right.

So I pushed down on all of the connectors and anything else that looked like it could work loose. At some point I pulled the ribbon cable to the outer case controls off so I had to put that back on (not a big deal, you just pull the little tabs out about 1/16 of an inch, shove the cable back in and push the tabs back in.). Screwed everything back together, plugged it in and it started working. I checked my hours and was at 480.

Now I'm not sure if it will keep working but hopefully it will.