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I assume that the AC cable is already run though the walls to the column locations.

Unless you are concerned about your kids messing with the cables, couldn't you wire-nut the cables together where the outlets will be and get the power through to where you want it until the columns are finally in place? It won't look very finished, but having power where you want it is a rewarding step.

It shouldn't take long to do.

Certainly, if you have young ones who might mess with them that might not be an option.

Maybe I don't understand the situation...


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As Nick said, you could wire nut them all together inside the columns, and just do a temporary hookup on the last one. That way you'll have some power without the extension cord, and you won't have to worry about doing them all now and then undoing them after the GOM is done. I'm assuming you're using "old work" boxes to get them flush mounted with the columns?
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Thanks guys. I think that's what I'm going to do temporarily. Was just trying to avoid terminating the wires twice. Not a big deal, and probably much easier than trying to wrap the columns in place...
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I am assuming that you could just have the Romex coming out of the wall where the column will be and wire-nut the conductors together appropriately, not bothering with boxes at all until you were ready to install the columns permanently.
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Yep. That's what I'll do. Thanks.
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That's all I have to say for today...tongue.gif
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best lighting design i have seen yet LOL!!!!
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Wow what is that? Some kind of high tech mobile lighting system that came out at CES?
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That's good, but I like this one better. biggrin.gif

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Ha! Closest thing to the leg lamp that I had Austin!

And 235, CES had nothing that could touch this omni-directional, adjustable multi-lumen light canon!!
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Note however, that it is plugged in to the front of the stage and not a big orange extention cord...

I'm easily amused. rolleyes.gif
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Man, I've been a slacker on the updates. Got a few things accomplished over the past few weeks, so time to share.

It sure is getting dark in here...Painted the soffits, screen wall, and nail heads behind the screen wall black. The soffit got two coats, and I may give it one more since there is some touchup work to do.

Puck lights installed above screen.

Ran all the speaker wire to the room. Terminated LCR & sub to a plate behind the screen.

And hooked up the Emotiva ERD-1 surrounds (testing purposes only...wink.gif

Supply and return covers painted black and installed, and terminated the hdmi cables in the room as well as the powerbridge to the projector and sub areas.

Goal today is to build stands for the LCR speakers, hook them up and test. Assemble the screen and install, and potentially hang the projector to do a full test rolleyes.gif.

Sure would be nice to watch a little bit of the Superbowl in there tomorrow...
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Nice progress, GWCR. With it being the Superbowl, I think we will all look the other way on a premature projector hang. Just promise us it will come back down as soon as the Lombardi trophy is awarded. wink.gif
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Thanks Spaceman. I'll do my best to be strong...
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Got the speaker stands built and the Emotiva ERM-6.2's connected. I will paint the stands black after testing things out this weekend. They look high in the pic, but that puts the tweeter on the midline of the screen per the plan.

HSU VTF-3 MK4 is on the left. I realized after I built the stands and had them in place that I wouldn't be able to have the sub in the corner where I had originally planned. Will see how it sounds and adjust if necessary.

On to the other side of the wall to hook up the AVR and see what they sound like!
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Should the tweeter be lined up with the middle of the screen or should it be about ear level or just higher than the row of seats that will be the sweet spot? I still have stands to build myself so I am not 100% on this but I thought they should be positioned per the listener. Always a fun time when you can start moving equipment into the room. Keep up the momentum. biggrin.gif
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Moving along nicely now GWCR!
Vanice, bpape suggested to me the mid-point between midrange and tweeter should be aligned with ear-level for the prime listening spot (give or take a couple inches...).
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Thanks Vanice and 235. The plans I got from DE show the tweeter lining up at the midpoint of the screen, so that's where I put 'em. tongue.gif May depend on the layout and/or the type of speaker too, I'm not sure. Just doing what I was told (my wife has me trained too well in that area...rolleyes.gif ).

I was able to get some sound out of the LCRs, but the basement was being taken over by kids at that point and it was time for a beer anyway. Back at it bright and early in the morning!!
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Jamestown screen frame built. Seymour AV Centerstage XD screen installed. Screen hung.

On to the PJ...
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Looking good GWCR! Really nice progress since I last checked in with your thread.
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Looks familiar... wink.gif Let's see that projector up!
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Thanks guys. Here's how I felt after the game.

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How wide is your room after drywall and how far to your first row of seating? I'm planning a room that is about the same width but not as long and just curious.

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Originally Posted by Helheim View Post

How wide is your room after drywall and how far to your first row of seating? I'm planning a room that is about the same width but not as long and just curious.


Hi Helmeim,

Room is 12'5" wide at this point. I will be adding 1" treatments to all the walls, so final width will be 12'3". Don't know the exact distance to the first row of seats, but it is right around 11' ish.
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Successfully watched the Superbowl in the HT. Got the PJ mounted 15 minutes before kickoff, got it dialed in to the screen and moved the cable box just in time to see the kickoff. We drug a couch into the room and had folding chairs on the riser, so it wasn't ideal but it worked out just fine. Picture and sound were great. I haven't done any tweaking to anything yet, so I'm sure it will get even better when I have time to do that. Couldn't detect any buzz/hum in the audio. So even though the AC and LV runs weren't as separated as I would have liked in a few spots, all is well.

I had expected to be able to slightly see the unpainted speaker stands reflecting back through the screen. Even when I was looking for them, I couldn't see them at all. Will still paint them, but that just moved way down on my to do list.

Overall I am very happy with how it is turning out. Just need to keep pushing on.

Next 5 items on the list:

1. Paint ceiling
2. Finish light tray
3. Install can lights
4. Connect lights to Grafik Eye
5. Equipment rack
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Started on the fabric design for the walls. Sticking with the black and gold theme (Hawkeyes/Steelers). I got the GOM samples, and the gold is more muted than what the online sample looks like, so not quite as bold. SWMBO thinks the color is perfect, so there you go. Primary color is black, and gold is the accent I did some mocking up in SketchUp. This is my 2nd shot at the design, and is very simple. Kind of reminds me of a center stripe on a football helmet...rolleyes.gif I would appreciate opinions and suggestions.

Top View

Entry View

Screen View

Left View

Back View
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Colors definitely remind me of the Hawkeyes. The muted color is probably a good thing. I am still amazed with how great the screen looks with a black ceiling and dark walls - I don't think you would be too happy with a bright yellow. Stopping the yellow stripe at the front column should help keep the image looking as good as possible. Getting close now!
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Thanks Brian. I know it's a pretty simple design, but it fits with the overall simplistic design of the rest of the house. And no, none of the other rooms are black and gold...

I was starting to get worried though. Almost 180 views since I posted the design ideas and no responses until yours. Everyone comments when they like something, so either it was soooo bad that no one wanted to say anything, or too "meh" that no one cared either way. Makes a guy start to question himself...rolleyes.giftongue.gif
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I saw the hawkeye colors and had to leave the thread tongue.gif
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Originally Posted by brausch View Post

..... Stopping the yellow stripe at the front column should help keep the image looking as good as possible.......

This was my first thought as well. I like the colors, and agree that a toned down yellow is probably a good thing. I may have missed it, but have you considered adding a little yellow to your columns? An accent more than a focal point. I like the color scheme, but I can't help but think a little accent here and there would really give it that final touch.

I can't tell you how jealous I am that you are this close to being finished!
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