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Australian Options.

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My search-fu is broken, dead and gone. I can't seem to find much about Australian options for painting or anything else really for that matter.

I am hoping to do a N8.5 screen with silver metalics and polyurethane. I am going to spray onto a 3mm MDF board covered in Melamine (smooth white surface). I considered just using the melamine with a coat of matt acrylic like others on this forum (search-fu did find some things!). But I really need the ambient light rejection, as I live in a rental with light cream walls, curtains and everything else, though my only source of ambient light is reflection from the screen. Going to make an approximately 90" screen.

I have managed to track down the ICI color codes for N8.5 to take into Dulux. But I don't know what silver metalics or poly to look for here in Aus?

Has anyone used this solution successfully in Australia?

Thanks a heap!

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Most Aussies wanting reflective "Metallic" content acquire them via incoming shipped requests from the US / Europe.

One thing...no N8.5 screen is going to do your desires any favor. At 90" you should be considering a Mix containing both Pearl and Silver and Polyurethane.

As to whatever else is / would be needed, well....please relate your PJ selection, and as to if your Throw Distance is set...or can be allowed to be maximized. (...as short as possible...) depending on what you have and really need / want, we can get you hooked up with exactly what your circumstanced demand. Exactly.

If ambient light performance that really matters is important, don't send a Boy to do Man's Work. Go that little extra mile and never look back to where you've been.

You don't want to anyway. It's a dark, dull, dismal place.
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