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Happy with upgrade to Carrada Brillian White Screen

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Good products and good service should be recognized in this day and age.

First off, I am a projector newbie as I bought my 1st projectors in December of last year: an Epson 3010 (bedroom) and an Epson 6010 (basement).

I originally bought a 3010 for my basement "home theatre" room and went without a screen while deciding which one would suit both budget and viewing needs (open walkout basement with windows covering 3/4 of rear wall). I decided on the Monoprice 133" .8 gain Grey. It was priced right and the reviews were decent. My first impressions were that the screen frame fit well and felt solid. The picture was really good in both high and low ambient level lighting and had a wide viewing angle, just as aspected. Given the requirements of the room, my mounting options were limited, so the 3010 was moved updstairs and a 6010 went in its place. After the upgrade the picture improved a good bit, so I was happy.

After the upgrade, I then had to find a screen for the bedroom. This time, price was 1st criteria, but I did want a decent screen. I ended up taking advantage of the Visual Apex Xmas sale. They only had a 1.1 gain white screen in size that I wanted, but I went for it anyway. My first impressions were that the quality wasn't as good as the Monoprice, but I did notice that the picture "popped" in low light conditions, I clearly sacrificed when it came to higher ambient light conditions.

As I looked at the two screens for about 2mos, I began to favor the Visual Apex screen, in low light conditions. The colors just seemed to "pop" more. My wife and I decided to put a wall up in the basement to seperate the gym from the media area, thus greatly improving light control. Its not a bat cave, as it has a white ceiling, but the walls are a darker brown and the screen has no direct light shining on or around it.

About 3 wks ago, I decided that I needed to upgrade the basement media room screen, but wouldn't do so unless I could sell the old one, so into Craiglist the old screen went. While looking for a new screen, all of my research pointed me towards the Carrada Brilliant White Screen. Customer Service, Fit & Finish and picture quality were all things that stood out in the reviews. The free shipping didn't hurt either (hard for me spend $120+ for shipping, when I could be getting "more screen" for that money. The screen was sold on a Sat., March 3 and I immediately placed the order for a 142" Criterion Series with Brilliant white screen material. I rec'd a call from Rex on Monday to make sure that the screen was correctly matched to my intended application (great customer service imo). To my surprise the new screen arrived on Friday, March 9th. The packaging was outstanding. I immediately noticed the superior construction (my opinion) and screen went together in about 20 mins. Funny, it actually took longer to mount the wall brackets. My first impressions of the picture quality....wow! I went from the "the screen can't possibly make that big of a difference" to "whoah, so that is what a good quality screen can do". The picture is really vivid (even moreso than the white screen in my bedroom) in high (for the room) to no-ambient light conditions. I am sure that there are better and more expensive screens, but I can't see spending much more for only a little bit better picture with significant tradeoffs in viewing angles and hot spotting. I am without a doubt pleased with this upgrade. I will be testing 3d performance tonight.

My hat is off to Rex for the great customer service, excellent pricing, fast turnaround and outstanding product. The purpose of this post isn't to put down Monoprice or Visual Apex as their product is surprisingly good for the price point. The purpose is to provide another data point for those new to the "hobby" that are looking for a good screen that isn't the cheapest, but that won't break the bank either. I found everything that I was looking for in the Carrada.

Sorry for the long post, but felt it necessary to provide a bit of background to "qualify" or provide some "perspective" on my evaluation. Hope it helps those that are looking for a new screen.
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Now you know why Carada gets so many raves for quality of screens and customer care!

The BW is one of my favorite screen materials - bright, smooth, great viewing angles!
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I echo your comments. Bought my Carada BW 120 " screen in July 2011 and have been very happy since. I went with a 2.35 aspect ratio criterion screen and love it matched up with my panny ae4000. Rex was excellent with support and the screen itself was well shipped and constructed. I also was excited to support a first class American company.
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Is it better to have 2.35 or 16.9?
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Which aspect ratio? This is a topic continually discussed. It depends on what types of viewing - mostly movies then I would go with 2:35. If more gaming or cable viewing then the 16:9 may be better. Search the forums and you will find a wealth of information and opinions on the subject. Personally I have enjoy the 2:35 for viewing epic movies.
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