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speaker selector questions

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2 questions about speaker selectors for a non-audiophile whole house setup:
1. there doesn't seem to exist an 8-zone selector with individual volume controls ... I guess I should do a 6 zone plus a 2-zone? (my receiver/amp has two outputs, so one output to each selector?)

2. My receiver and speakers are consumer-level gear. Is it worthwhile for me to spend the extra coin for this: Niles Audio http://www.crutchfield.com/S-vJgMl27...es-SSVC-6.html
Pyle audio 6 zone with volume control http://www.mcmelectronics.com/produc..._term=50-13765

If sound is degraded by the Pyle, I'd be happy to spend more, but no need to out-do my Onkyo receiver.
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Niles makes good quality products. I've never heard of Pyle.
Both output/pass through 100w and have impedance balancing circuits. And except up to 14 ga wire.
As to if Niles is using higher quality parts to justify twice the price, don't know. But that might be the case.
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