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I just spent a day on this, so I must share. I am using a Panasonic TC-L32U3 as a monitor for my PC. Yes it has issues, but for $300 I have 32" of 1080p great for media and gaming.

Problem: Like some TV's the Panasonic will not display full HD through it's DVI port. I ran a DVI to HDMI cable. However, when HDMI is used the "PC Adjustment" settings on the TV are disabled. In 1080p I was left with a signal with 10% black lines surrounding the screen.

1.) Check your TV options. On mine there is HD size 1 (which crops to 95% to eliminate digital broadcast noise) and there is HD size 2 (full screen). Obviously we want full.
2.)Label your inputs as monitor, computer, PC, or similar. Many TV's software enable features based on input selection.

1.) The problem is with your graphic card's overscan/underscan setup. Either attempt to use Nvidia control or ATI's Catalyst Control Center to change the setting.
2.) #1 did not work for me. I installed the latest ATI CCC for 64 bit Windows, but it had limited functionality. I tried old versions, staying up until 2 in the morning. 10 minutes ago I finally found this:

I zeroed out the registry key as shown, and am now full screen. Good luck.