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I have a similar setup; the BP620, a 6200 series LG, and the U.S. retail copy of Prometheus. It loads and plays the 3D disc fine. I've never tried the 2D disc.
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Hi, all. I have a BP620 and have a bit of a problem. This might have been addressed elsewhere in here, but I couldn't find it despite searching for the past bit.

Anyway, due to the BP620's MKV compatibility, I re-ripped all of my DVD's using Make MKV. The files play beautifully on my PC, but on the BP620 when the movie loads it shows "1/1" chapters. I guess that wouldn't be so bad IF it considered the whole movie as a chapter, but it doesn't. It plays the first chapter only and then skips to the next MKV. I thought it was some "chapter skip" error, so I made a folder with a single mkv. Again-it plays the first chapter and then stops. Any idea what this could be? I'm not familiar with MKV's.. did I perhaps save it to the wrong format for the BP620?
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Just A quick update for the BP200.

1- Open Setup menu

2- Go to Lock subMenu

3-presett code is seven zeros

3- Select Area Code

(Tried UK and GB but neither would unlock the player to play the area B blue-ray disc.)

4- Choose the abbreviation of a country that is in the desired region

I really appreciated the help but I am stumbling on this one. The spot to enter the country has requires a two digit code. I did try GB and UK but neither made a difference as it would still only play area A blue-ray discs. I am helping a friend with this so will try to get there later to day.
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Originally Posted by justenuf View Post

I also have a 3D play problem with the LG620C (from Costco). I purchased this player in December to pair with an LG 55LW5700 3D display. At the same time I purchased the player, I also purchased a couple 3D movies to try it out. One of the was Prometheus. After updating the firmware, I attempted to play the Prometheus 3D disc (the BD player and LG TV are connected to a Denon AVR2313 with HDMI (ultra hi-speed). The LG TV recognizes the Prometheus disc as a 3D movie and auto-switches the display to a 3D viewing mode. The 3D notification messages appear on screen (in 3D), but then the screen goes blank and nothing ever loads. The result is the same whether I connect the BD player through the Denon AVR or directly to the LG display. I tried this several times since I purchased the LG620C with the same result. I've encounter the same problem playing the regular BD disc (2D BD Prometheus) - won't play. Only the regular Prometheus DVD (480p) would play (all three formats came in the disc packet).

I tried the other 3D movie next - Disney's "Brave." This movie played in 3D perfectly. No issues. So I believe there must be something with the coding on the Prometheus discs that the LG player cannot (yet) handle. My player and TV software are up tp date as of today, 2/24/13, and Prometheus still does not play.

My hope is that LG will figure this out and work a solution into a future software update for either the BD player and/or TV. For now, I am at a loss as to why a BD player and display from the same manufacturer cannot play standard content that they claim to be able to play (3D).

Has anyone solved this issue yet?

I just recently brought from Costco 55LM4600 & initially brought the Samsung 3d Bluray player. That player couldnt play my Smurf 3d movie (had the same issue as you describried above. I updated the firmware & it started playing. But when I was watching MIB3 in 3d...the TV was occasionally flashing white & keep mentioning that I have 3D source. I return the Samsung for LG620...& it played both Smurf & MIB3 out of the box + no flashing on MIB3. I just hope that any future 3d movies dont run into this issue.
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i have the LG BP220. it says it can play .avi files via DLNA. but they do not show up.

do i have to figure which codecs are needed or something like that? the other formats, like mpg, are recognized and play fine.

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asdfxczvzcv z
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mp4s are slow on my 220 as well. I just decided to keep everything in mkv format instead.
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I just picked up the 620C this weekend to replace the PS3 I was using as my main Blue Ray player. I will admit it wasn't my first choice as I was looking at far more expensive models, but I was at BJ's and figured for $99 I'd give it a try. Setup was incredibly easy, and I definitely notice much better audio. Picture is perhaps a little better as my PS3 could not output at 1080p to my TV (screen would keep blacking out during video playback). So far the LG has only blacked out the screen once when watching X-men, but played the new Star Trek movie just fine. DLNA again was easy to configure and use, and the LG plays just fine. Things I don't like are the cheap remote looking buttons and the loud / cheap sound it makes when ejecting / loading disks. All in all I'm happy with the purchase.
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This little player is really worming its way into my heart. Watched Avatar last night an all I can say is wow. It looked good on the PS3, but it was amazing with the LG. Granted I've only played with the 2D functionality of this player as i do not have a 3D tv.
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I have the 320, It is wired to my router. For one day I could stream from my network, now all of a sudden when select the Nero server, it just sits there trying to connect. Has anyone had this happen?
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I was never able to get the Nero Server to work on my 620. I then installed Plex and used the media connect on my LG TV and it worked on the first try. Let us know if you get it working again.
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Had the same problem with the Nero server. Installed Serviio which works fine.
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It works now, but, I'm using Plex. I have the LG wired to my network, is it possible to get the LG to show metadata, or at least, posters when I'm browsing my files?
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Will this unit play with all the apps listed on a standard tv....not smart.
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I would say that as long as your Standard TV has the composite inputs for the device to plug in, then you should be able to use all the apps as I don't believe them to require HD to function.
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Thank You,
Tv is HD.. and has the HDMI connector.

Now I will look for the best PRICE.......
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I have a BP620 which just started having network issues when trying to play videos from a DLNA server. My DLNA server is a MacBook running OS X 10.6.8 and EyeConnect 1.7 by Elgato Systems connecting over a Cradlepoint MBR1000 router. Everything had been working just fine until just recently. Now, when I turn the player on, EyeConnect sees the player and shows the IP address associated with the player. So when I go to Movie > EyeConnect (on the player), as soon as I select EyeConnect it seems to drop off and go offline according to the preference pane and the player just shows an endlessly spinning circle - it won't even time out. As soon as I go back to the menu on the player, the IP address shows up again in EyeConnect. It does the same thing for Music & Pictures as well. The odd thing is, I am able to successfully ping the player when it is supposedly "offline" and in the spinning circle loop.

Like I said, everything had been working just fine until recently. I know that nothing has been changed on the router or the MacBook. I've tried unplugging the player for a few minutes while holding the power button down trying to do a force reset of everything. I tried redoing all the Network settings on the player. I even reloaded the firmware, and still have the same problem. I don't think it's the Mac or EyeConnect as everything works great when streaming the videos to a DLNA player (AcePlayer) on my iPhone.

Has anyone else ever experienced anything like this???
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According to the official specs, the BP620 plays PAL DVDs. But does it convert them for displays that only accept 30Hz/60Hz input, not 25Hz/50Hz?
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Originally Posted by Jim Shaffer View Post

According to the official specs, the BP620 plays PAL DVDs. But does it convert them for displays that only accept 30Hz/60Hz input, not 25Hz/50Hz?

Yep, I've done it. I actually had no idea it did this and thought I'd have to convert a DVD on my laptop, but I just threw it in the BP620 and it played fine. Only thing to watch for is if the PAL DVD is set to a different region than your player then you might have an issue... And yes, my TV is NTSC.
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Yes, I'm aware of the region issue. It's rare to see a non-region-free player that converts to NTSC these days. I don't know why, since I have an old cheap crappy one that does.

I assume that this also applies to the non-3D model, the BP320, since the specs include "DVD (PAL)".

I wonder if it also applies to the new _30 models; the very brief thread here says that the hardware is identical to the _20 models, but that doesn't mean that the firmware is.
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What's the use of playing PAL if it can't play region 2?
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Originally Posted by rgs View Post

What's the use of playing PAL if it can't play region 2?

you can play PAL downloaded or custom DVD-R's
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Has anyone had a problem with a very noisy 620? My dealer is ordering another unit for me. Mine has been in use for 4 weeks only. The unit works great other than that problem. Well now the remote, the LG one or my Harmony, will not work with it either. I hope new one is better. cool.gif
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I've read in other places that noisy motor on the 620, go to the shop and ask for a change. Mine Works fine but that problem is frequent, the shop will give you a new one without any problem as they're aware on that issue.
Apart of that, the BP620 is a great machine, I'm very happy with it.
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on this thread (IN SPANISH) they comment the noisy BP620 in some cases, they say the shop solve the problem inmediatly.


As I suspect you don't understand Spanish use Google Translator or similar.
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Well interesting problem, the blueray player locked up on me yesterday when trying to start movie. The only way to clear was to physically pull the power cord, and plug it back in. Hopefully this isn't a common practice with this player.
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Anyone know what it's the new update. Downloaded and installed it last night but don't notice any differences?
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Hi all,

I am new to the forum having bought a few days ago a LG BP 420, This is my first Blu-Ray player and first experience of smart tv.

I am located in Brasil so there may be slight differences in my actual player, and definately different streaming services available.

The 420 is connected to a Samsung Home theatre system, HT D-450, with 5.1 Surround sound.

The connection is as follows : 420- Samsung HT Amp- Optical Audio (No HDMI input on amp)

Samsung HT AMP - HD TV - HDMI connection,

The set up seems to work very well for an entry level system, I will use it mainly for streaming youtube content and for the internet radio via V-TUNER , both of which are pre installed " Premiun apps" on the Brasilian model.

I have also tried the LG BLU RAY smart app for Android on both my cell phone (android 4.1.2) and my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.7.0 (android 4.1.1) The app functions well on both these devices. Also had a play with DLNA ,I am able to stream from the 2 Android devices mentioned and aslo from my windows 7 64 bit laptop without any problems.

A question re audio, when reading the manual Page 27 on my online version, "Digital Output" I need to select the third method,

[DTS Re-Encode] (HDMI, OPTICAL) for connection to my system as it appears to be the only option to connect to a mutli -channel amp via an optical connection only, however this option mentions a DTS AMP, My amp supports both DTS and Dolby Digital. Does this mean in fact I am, and can only use DTS, NOT Dolby for surround sound as my amp does NOT have an HDMI input ? Not a problem because the 5.1 surround appears to work well connected as such, just a point of interest, I have looked at the Appendix on page 56 , "Audio Output Specifications", but do not fully understand it. The AMP just shows D.IN on its dislpay panel when playing a DVD With 5.1 Surround.

Another question is V-Tuner, it seems to be working well in streaming various stations from around the world BUT the search function seems to miss out many stations, I am aware that some stations ie AAC format are not available via my system, but two local stations I searched in the UK (re-checked exact spelling)-did not appear, I streamed another station from the same region, when I next opened the V-Tuner app, the original "missing stations" appeared in "editors pick" and then streamed perfectley and have been saved as favourites, Anyone esle had this strange issue ?

Another question, is it possible to install streaming apps available in a different region on the player ?,

Many thanks in Advance for any answers or views on the LG BP420,

Best wishes to all.
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Likewise I was wondering, updated my BP420 this week and the only difference I have noticed is when I enter the DLNA Menu the icon next to the name of my PC is different !
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