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Can In-Ceiling speakers be used as In-Wall?

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I am buying speakers for my mother. She is far from an audiophile and I am looking at speakers in the $50 to $90 price range. She prefers round to rectangular.

Round speaker products on the market are generally ceiling and rectangular are generally wall which is why I ask this question - if ceiling can be used in wall. According to Audiosource FAQ the answer is yes but I figured I'd ask here to be sure.

I was originally looking at the Audiosource AC8C which I ordered for a great price from J&R ($69 for the pair), I thought it was a price mistake - now they are $99 for the pair and even higher elsewhere. The problem is JR have them backordered with no estimated shipping date.

I am also looking at the Yamaha IW360C

J&R has these for $79 direct, and I am thinking I can get them to pricematch my original Audiosource order since they are backordered and get them for $69. I know the Yamahas are 6 Ohm and the Audiosource were 8 - not sure if that makes a difference

Appreciate any opinions.

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yes, round "in-structure" speakers can be used in walls or ceilings. The advantage the rectangular speakers is two or more actual separate speakers in the enclosure and larger speakers as well. That said, if round enclosures is what is wanted, try for the larger round enclosures with 5" or 6" mid/woofer speakers and all should be well.

Remember, you will need to get speaker wiring into the wall cavity and up to the speakers.
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