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small condo set-up 5.0

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any comments or questions are welcomed
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Very nice and clean set up. It would be more helpful if you provide us a system list. Thanks
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replied with the system set-up three times now, and keep getting kicked out of the forum
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Main speakers: Reynolds Advance A-2's (circa 1980)...Peerless soft dome silk tweeters, 8" long throw drivers, 10" passive radiators...they pull down to about 27 Hz +/- 3 dB. Weight: 70 lbs each.

Center: Boston Acoustics C-225. Nothing special unless your trying to match timbre to the mains. Both New England makers, both with heavy construction, identical specs and soft dome tweeters.

Surrounds: Precision Acoustics Cubes. Who? What? Why? Don't laugh, these little dudes integrate seamlessly with the rest of the speakers. Please note, they are above ear level and behind the listening sweet spot - as Dolby suggests.

Subwoofer: SVS PB12-NSD, the Widow Maker, pulls down to 18 Hz and explodes pets and sandbags..now in storage along with the Genesis II's that were the surrounds pre-condo.

Comments: Moved into the condo, Bought a highly positive reviewed HTIB from a well know audio company and...it sucked. Even the dog laughed. Sold it on Craigslist for half what it cost.

With the help of my friend, Altered Dez, an audio engineer, we took some of my old school stuff, matched the specs with the new stuff and dialed it all in.

The result is big speakers that push big air and sound terrific in a smaller space at any volume.

Thanks for reading.
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- Pansonice 50" plasma
- Yamaha AV 5.1 receiver
- Sony Blu-ray player
- Sennheiser cans
- Motorala HD box
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That is one awesome way to store your headphones haha
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Thanks for the list, awesome...
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Nice use of the Ikea Poang footrest. Are the speakers designed to be laid that way?
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Thanks for your reply. You have a keen eye. Rather than burn the footrests, we decided to re-purpose and update them to match the sofa pattern.

Here's a challenge: try to figure out the Ikea parts that we used in the rack? The real deal here is that the open sides, front, and back...breathes, and stays cool - and we all know the great crippler of gear is heat.

As for the speakers on their sides, yes, these were designed to lay down or stand up - they were built as play back monitors as opposed to mixing monitors. The key is the risers they sit on and the relation to standing bass waves vs bounce back. In other words, dial in the room to match the gear.

However, you myopic fat ass American just can't deal with that.
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Props for the SRV poster.

That's it.
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add upstate: i'd call you a d-bag, but there's no point as you will never get close enough to a vagina to be of any use.
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