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Onkyo s3400 static

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I purchases a s3400 htib from Amazon. It worked great for a week, then I had a constant light static in the front speakers. I diagnosed with Onkyo support and they informed me the receiver was bad. Amazon immediately sent out a new unit. That worked fine for a week. Now I have an even worse static issue coming from all speakers. I even disconnected all my inputs and the static remains. It appears to go away with the FM tuner. I even ran 14 gauge wire for added protection. Do I just have bad luck to receive two defective receivers in a month, or am I doing something wrong in the setup? I have the receiver plugged into the wall, so no power strip issue. I tried the factory reset (vcr/power button), but still have the static. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
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I'm curious if Onkyo produced any S3400s after Jan 2012.
It's $250 on Amazon right now, but I don't want it if it's the same problematic batch.

The S3500 is available, but I haven't seen reviews yet (nor does it seem to be worth the extra cost).
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oh for god's sake. This is bad, really bad

I just ordered this HT in amazon through an online intermediary here in mexico... and now this!!! the problem is onkyo doesn't have any official service center here and send it back might cost me a lot I thought onkyo was a good and reliable brand but now im so disappointed. I was really excited about this HT (my first set of 5.1 speakers) and the next two weeks are gonna be nightmarish until they arrive.

I'm also curious if onkyo produced this speakers after january 2012. If not, then i'm f*cked. I just hope the serial number is printed on some sticker in the box so i can check if its good or bad.

I'll keep you updated.
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