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Purchase Help on Plasma/LED

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So me and my wife are looking for a new tv. Currently I have a lcd sony bravia 52XBR6 tv that has a nice vertical line going down the side. Sony came out of course and said have a nice day, the lcd panel has to be replaced. So I need a tv at some point and I am doing some research and have read alot of forum information about plasmas vs LED tv's. I do see that there are lot's of people saying not to get any samsung LED tv's and I am wondering why? I like the Samsung UN65D8000 or the new UN60ES8000 they came out with but saw some bad reviews on there as far as 3d tv and picture quality. So now I am stuck between plasma and LED based on everyone's reviews so I am posting this help request because I am confused on what to get. The room I will watch it in has about 6 windows, lot's of lighting however I am putting in faux wood blinds that will have the routeless option to block all the light I can without putting blackout curtains up. So that being said, I am attaching the room size. The TV will be on the wall that divides the library from the living room. The tv will be about 9.5 feet away from my couch. So the questions I am looking for help on this are:

1. Size of tv, is 65 too big?
2. Type of TV LED/Plasma? Which is my best bet for watching movies/playing lot's of PS3 games
3. I like no flaw's in the picture and no studdering or any blur's so I want the best quality possible.
4. I hate dark pictures, I always liked the brigness of samsungs LCD/LED tv's so not sure where to go Samsung 65D8000 or PN64D8000 plasma.

Any help is greatly appreciated as I am about to dump ton's of money in on this and don't want another bad tv or bad quality. Also the only thing that bothers me with plasma is the burn in problem and the degradation of quality of time that's the only thing that scares me on those so any help here is greatly appreciated.
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For a room where the there will be decent amount of light, LCD may work better. Both types if TVs have +/- and you can find tons of info on that.

Is 65 inch too big? Of course not. As long as you sit at least about 8 feet away and it does not dwarf the room. Usually, you want as big a TV as you can stand or you will regret getting one that is smaller.

Also, it sounds that you prefer an over-bright TV so, in that case, go with LCD with LED backlight. They can be driven very bright and maintain sharpness.

The current Samsung 8 series is pretty good but you should shop around. Sharp, Sony, etc make some very good LCD/LED TVs
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To answer question #2, led is better for gaming (for the most part unless you are worried about reaction lag, but it's minimal on LCDs anyway). Plasma is better for movies IMO (if you are into replicating what the director intended).

To answer #3, If by best quality picture you mean reference quality, then I suggest getting a high end plasma, a kuro if you can find one in good shape. LEDs usual have more blooming and motion artifact issues. As well as the dejutter processing which is horrible IMO.

And for #4 led is your best bet.

So as you can see, you want the best of both worlds. Lol keep dreaming. But hey if you find a set that shines in ALL of these areas I'll give you a $50 finders fee lol.
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Also, plasma's don't lose quality as the get older, especially if they are calibrated CORRECTLY from the get go and get tune ups. They lose some brightness as they age. But that doesn't necessarily equate to degraded "quality". I believe you can calibrate the dimness out of them later in their life but you have to compromise the black level and the color depth a little. But dont quote me on that. And if you are gonna drop some bread on this you shouldn't need to worry about burn in too much. Most of the higher end plasmas are pretty good with that issue now, as long as you follow the cultural practices that come along with the technology. But if you like the over bright picture them you best go with the LED. If you want reference quality and can creat a low lux environment I'd lean more towards plasma.

Oh ya, and if there will be small children around (you know, the kind that randomly throw toys and other heavy objects at any given moment, in any direction) DO NOT get a plasma. If you do, the kids and the tv should be mutually exclusive.
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And when most of us say "over bright" we are are referring to an "over realistic", surreal, or unnatural looking picture. Its not implying that your tastes are incorrect lol. Even though I do love reference quality plasma imaging... if you couldn't tell haha.
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