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Indoor Antenna for Lodi, WI

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I have a SS-3000. I cannot install a outdoor antennna. All I'm trying to get is the basic channels. I can't enter the specific link to the results, but if you go to TV fool and plug in the folling information.....and use the following

Adress: Joyce Drive
City: Lodi
State: WI
Zip: 53555
Height: 20

You will get the approximate results for my area

Our old cable provider came into the basement and then was split and then homeruned to the jacks throughout the home.

I have located the antenna on the second floor facing the towers to the south (most optimul position). I had the antenna cable routed directly connected to the main TV through the existing coax that was in place in our home. I used the second floor jack as the source for the antenna output, routed down to basement, (bypassed the existing cable splitters with a barrel connecter) and finally routed to first floor jack serving the main TV. I started the scanner and the TV recognized all the major channels that I was wanting (ABC, NBC, PBS, CBX, CW, FOX). However FOX, being the weakest comes and goes.

However I don't have only one TV, I have 3, so I replaced the barrel connector with a three way splitter (a 5--7dB loss) and connected the TV's. I rescanned and only got ABC and PBS. I figured it was the splitter loss, so I installed an amplifier (Rocketfish - up to a 4dB gain) rescanned and got all the channels (ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, CW, FOX). However once again FOX, being the weakest, comes and goes.

Then I tried a preamplifier, Winegard AP8700, and installed it between the antenna and second floor jack. I tried both with and without the rocketfish amplifier and rescanning had the same results for both - non working FOX, recognized by the TV but not coming in steadily.

Any thoughts? I thought maybe a better quailty amplifier with a higher dB gain might do the trick?

Thanks in advance.

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A) you should go to the appropriate thread for your area


B) The SS-3000 already is amplified so it's no surprise you're having reception issues. You don't add amps to already amplified signals. Also that antenna is VHF-UHF you only need UHF. And that antenna kind of sucks.

C) why can't you have an outdoor antenna?
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Topic retitled and moved to proper forum.
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You need a better antenna.

A 4221HD might work well, but it's not an indoor antenna. You could still use it indoors though, or put it up in the attic. Aim it due South (compass direction 180°). If signals are weak, add the AP8700, as close to the antenna as possible.

Indoor reception is impossible to predict, due to the variety of building materials used.
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I'm using an Antennas Direct DB8 in the attic paired with a Winegard HDP269. The pre-amp is located on the antenna mast but is powered further down the line. I get a great signal about 35 miles from the tower. The antenna picture looks bigger than it actually is and it works well for an attic mount.

If you're sending the amplified signal to be distributed to more than 4 TV locations, add a distribution amplifier at the junction.
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Using both a pre-amp and a distribution amp is an invitation for problems unless you 1) get lucky or 2) know what you're doing and can you MEASURE your sign power levels to prevent over-amplification.
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Originally Posted by ProjectSHO89 View Post

Using both a pre-amp and a distribution amp is an invitation for problems unless you 1) get lucky or 2) know what you're doing and can you MEASURE your sign power levels to prevent over-amplification.

Yes. I would only recommend this path for someone who was using the pre-amp and still having signal problems due to increasing the number of runs (given that a single connected display has a good connection). In this situation you could first disconnect pre-amp and try distribution amp instead and if that didn't work, try them both together. There's lots of good info here:

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Thank you all for the responses. I apologize for not being in the correct thread area.

I agree using both a preamp and and a distribution amp is more than likely overloading the system.

I don't think it is system loss at this point, I think I'm just getting too weak of a signal and must go with a better antenna or an outdoor antenna if I want to get good reception.
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Give the DB8 a go. Before I attic mounted it I connected it to the TV with a short cable and was able to pick up a dozen channels in the living room with the garage in-between the antenna and the 35 mile away towers. I was very surprised at how well it performed. Now with a proper install, I'm getting 35 channels, some from as far away as Rhode Island (I'm near Boston).

Edit: Also, if you buy it from Amazon and it isn't good enough, their returns policy is costless if you pack/unpack it carefully.
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