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Mythos XTR-50??

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I am looking to upgrade my surround sound system. We currently have Definitive Technology 600 system. We just moved into a new house and it is 2 story on a slab so running cables in the walls are going to be a pain. We talked to Best Buy and they recommended the Mythos series. We do not listen to a lot of movies where surround sound would come into play. We mainly want the system for parties and get togethers. The living room, dining room and kitchen are all open to each other so we thought the the Mythos series would be perfect to push sound throughout those rooms. I like the sleek look of the XTR-50s but not sure if these are going to be loud enough. We don't need a huge system but would like to have something that we can listen to music at a decent level. I dont want to go with the full surround sound system again cause I do not want to pull the trim off and run those cables... Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks
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Seriously does NO ONE own these? There is literally no one on the net talking about them. Is there something wrong with them? I dont want to read reviews from companies that could have been paid, I want real owners talking.
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We use them for home theater so we got 3 for an L-C-R application. The slim profile is what originally attracted us to them. They are mounted on the wall next to our plasma, and they blend in nicely.

As for sound, they are great. I have no complaints. We use them to feed music to the house during parties as well and it works great. Loudness is also going to be a function of your source and amplification, but I am sure most systems would be sufficient. You can get away without a subwoofer, but why would you do that?

I originally found them at Magnolia (in Best Buy), but ended up buying them from another place at a significant discount.
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I have 2 in my lr with 18' ceilings open to the dining and kitchen. As others have stated, they will blend nicely with a plasma. I ,however, disagree with the notion that they do not require a sub. They sure do. If you want any kind of a meaningful low end. I'm a bass head but that has nothing to do with it. My very first system was floorstanders with 6" drivers and a 8" sub. For low end, it killed the xtr's. Get a sub(s) and you'll be fine. As far as spl, be realistic with your expectations. What kind of volume are you looking for? And how far away? These will be fine for parties as long as you don't ask too much from them. 85-95 db at 1 meter tops.
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FWIW I picked up 3 of them, brand new for almost half off MSRP. I like them a lot! Using them with a ProSub 1000 and a pair of DR8i ceiling mounts for the rears. The way my living room is I really couldnt do anything other than wall mount speakers, so for me I def feel this was the best route to go. They get insanely loud in my living room, dining area and kitchen, and the ProSub 1000 can shake most of the first floor. Its soo nice to finally have a good sound system again!
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I recently upgraded my home theater and went with the definitive 50 xtr's for l/r/c and a supercube 6000. I could not be happier. The sound is amazing and it does not make the ear strain to listen to it loud. They defiantly do require a sub and the denon amp wanted to cross them at 120. I was impressed at 1st but not blown away until I spent 2 weeks on vacation and was forced to listen to whatever was in the hotel room. I fully appreciate them now.

Heres a shot of them mounted flush along side a samsung 55 LED


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