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Question about Setup with Homemade DVR

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Hi, guys. Longtime reader, first time poster. I have been contemplating turning an old Dell Dimension desktop into a homemade DVR. I've been doing reading on a lot of the freeware DVR programs out there as well as tuner cards/CableCards and I have a few question about a possible setup that I haven't been able to find an answer for.

First of all, my theoretical setup is as follows...

Encrypted digital cable w/premium channels--> Mediacom Set Top Box w/CableCard--> Splitter-->TV Tuner card/MythTV on one end and Television on the other end.

Note that the system with the TV Tuner card would be for playback of DVR material and not live viewing.

Now the questions!

1) If the encrypted digital cable is being descrambled by the set top box (which I do not plan on getting rid of) including premium channels, would I still need to invest in a TV Tuner card that is CableCard ready? I might still do this in an effort to be forward-thinking, but I'd like to know the answer to this question anyway.

2) If the TV Tuner card is not being used for live viewing and has duel tuners in it, would it be possible, then, to record two programs on different channels at once, or does the fact that it is hooked up through a set top box cause some sort of limitation? I'm assuming not given how TiVo and the like work, but again I want to know for certain.

Thanks a million, guys! As I've said, I've tried to find answers for this on my own for weeks now with lots of googling and forum browsing. I learned a TON, but not precisely what I needed to know.
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Best to move this to the PC section;
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