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Ok, so far we started off the event with Joe Kane and then we moved into talks with WiSA and then Stewart. In the demo/conference area we we have installed a complete home theater system that is made up of and Epson 5020UBE 3 LCD projector shooting video to a Stewart Filmscreen from a Samsung Blu-ray player with the audio by Aperion Audio with a complete 7.1 WIRELESS HD AUDIO system. Also in the mix, via a 2 way HDMI splitter, is a Samsung 55" motion and voice controlled 7000 series LCD flat panel.

All in all the day went very well except for a few people who seemed to have stayed out to late the night before and started to doze off during the afternoon sessions. That seems to happen on every cruise we have done. smile.gif (Ah, the ship nightlife,) It was great to see the enthusiasts chatting with the industry professionals even after the conferences and during dinner and mixers. After all, this is what is all about.

Today we are in St. Thomas for the day. We have a mixer tonight for the guests that Scott is picking up the bill for. (Yeah, it's drinking time!) But then again, some of our guests have come back from shore a little tipsy. It seems that someone servered the rum punch after snorkeling. smile.gif All in good fun.

We will then have a 9:00PM movie night. Depending on how many show up, it will be 3D or 2D as we only received 12 pairs of glasses. (Bummer) Now the ship also does movies on a MUCH larger screen. But their is nothing like a bunch of home theater enthusiasts getting together for a movie even if it is only a 7 foot screen. Then again we are running 7.1 audio and the cruise ship does not do that. smile.gif Is just great getting together with a bunch of people with a like interest and enjoying something that we all enjoy our own homes, but together as a group.

I guess one of the things I look forward to on this cruise is getting with others is being able to answer questions that I might build help with. After all I've been there, done that, and work closely enough with the industry that I just might have the right answer from time to time. It's just great to work with all these people. Everyone of them. From the manufacturers to the enthusiasts, to be able at work in this industry in this way is just a joy. So thanks to all for all these years, all this enjoyment, and everything you allowed me to do along the way. This 10th sailing is just special to me, and you're making it that way.
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Thanks to everyone who came out for the SatelliteGuys mixer tonight!

It felt good to know I could buy lots if drinks for everyone and not have to worry about them driving home after.

Hopefully everyone had enough to drink. smile.gif
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This sounds awesome! How much did it end up being?!?! I would be beyond interested in joining in on next years!
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It's the cost of the cruise. So $900 per person on up for this event.
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Originally Posted by Scott Greczkowski View Post

Thanks to everyone who came out for the SatelliteGuys mixer tonight!
It felt good to know I could buy lots if drinks for everyone and not have to worry about them driving home after.
Hopefully everyone had enough to drink. smile.gif

Hopefully the Captain and Pilot weren't invited, or you may never get back into Port!

PS. I assume the calibration to 2.4 Gamma was for a Very Dark Room? Elsewise the rest of us will stay at 2.2 for our semi-dark rooms?
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Day two of the conferences started off today with David Salz president of WireWorld. The conference is covering the different types of testing methods that are used and how they work (or don't). We are then moving into actual demonstrations allowing the HTC guets to experience for themselves how the connections, and what is used, makes a difference. Even more so as it relates in this digital world of ours..

Do you know that you can l loose 2% of the data? (2% distortion if you will.) We would not expect 2% distortion in our AVR's or AMP's...so why would we accept it in the cable? I think the answer is that most do not think in that way as they do not publish distortion information on cables like they do amps and AVR's. Out of site, out of mind I guess.

Seeing the data and then "hearing it"...without knowing at first what what were listing to cable vs cable...was quite an ear opener.
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DTS is now speaking talking about the evolution of multichannel of audio. They are showing systems from 5.1 to 11.1...but we only have 7.1 on the ship.

They are showing the configurations that are available based on the number of speakers you may have and how different studios mix in different ways. As such, no two rooms may sound the same if you may consider all to be the same except for the placement of the spakers. Are you 90 degrees on the surround or are your surronds behind the seating position on a 5.1 system. It will make a difference based on what studio mixed the movie.
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Well here it is folks...

The final day at sea on the 2012 Home Theater Technology Cruise, the last day at sea on a cruise is always a sad day for me as it means everything is coming to an end. I have had such a great time this week that I really don't want it to end. Learned a lot of things this week but the most important thing I think I learned is that if you want to make Gary Reber happy the secret is fried plantains. biggrin.gif (Oh and David has a secret crush too... the word is souffle.) wink.gif

But the day starts from where we left off on our first conference day and that is with Joe Kane continuing from where he left off on Wednesday morning. He wastes no time getting back into things exactly where we left off from his last 3 hour seminar. Joe is giving us details of how LED TV's work and he has lots of photographic evidence. He has a special high speed camera that shows the TV's doing things they are not supposed to do... even surprising some companies who claimed their sets did not do those things.

I am going to sit back and listen to the master speak. smile.gif
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Joe's now talking about what he calls 2160p video... or what we know as 4K or Ultra High Definition.

This has been an amazing presentation so far... and I got to admit I will never look at my Plasma TV the same way again.
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And now we come to the WORST part of the cruise...

Getting off the ship!

What a GREAT week it was! I would like to thank David and Brenda for their hospitality on this cruise! David is a madman who was running around so much that I don't think he got much of a vacation while on board! He was always working to make sure everything was perfect on board! (And let me tell you... he did not fail in his quest!)

So my question now is when is the next one and where are we going? smile.gif

Thanks to everyone I met on this cruise! This cruise we not only learned a lot but we also make lots of friends, and that in itself was worth much more then the price of admission!

Thanks everyone!
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BTW I forgot to mention that last night David held his auction for the Segs4Vets Foundation, and overall $10,000 was raised!

I myself won a pair of Bookshelf Speakers, a 5.1 Wireless Surround Sound System and a Darbee Darblet!

Thank you to everyone who big on board! The auction was FUN!

Thanks again to David and Gary for a GREAT time... if you have never been on a HTC you really should book for the next one! You don't know what your missing!
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First rough cut of part 1&2 of a 9 part video in 3D of the Home Theater Cruise 2012.

If you don't have a 3D monitor to view this you can begin to watch by clicking on the play icon and then click on the 3D button at the bottom and "Turn off 3D" for a 2D flat world viewing of this largest cruise ship in the world.

To view in 3D on a computer 2D monitor turn on the 3D option for anaglyph colored glasses under other 3D options and put on colored glasses. Colored glasses can be purchased cheaply through Amazon.
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How can I get a copy of the completed video in 2D and 3D?
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Here is a shortened version of the completed video now on You Tube. This is the 2D version. The full version is about 2 hours long, in 3D and 40 Gb file size so it will not be available for download.

Instead I will be uploading some shows, like Ocean Aria etc. as short 2D videos on You Tube.

Keep checking my You Tube channel for additional uploads.
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Here is a short of Ocean Aria, one of several shows offered during the week aboard the Allure of the Seas.
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Here's another stage show- Blue Planet-- Just a preview of the full show.
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