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Speaker cable as powerbridge?

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Is it possible to use in-wall rated 12awg speaker wire to connect the two points between a powerbridge?

I'm guessing no but thought I'd ask.
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Absolutely not. (assuming you mean for carrying A/C power)

Could you use the speaker wire as a pull string to yank some romex through?
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didn't think so. I'm in chicago so romex doesn't even cut it. everything needs to be in metal conduit. I was hoping a powerbridge would be an exception. wishful thinking.
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Didn't even see your location, but yeah, you're really out of luck there. You might check to see if armored cable can be used for retrofit and meet code.

But my statement was based on safety, not code. No telling what the insulation on the speaker wire could take from a heat/damage perspective, and that's the unsafe part...

Good luck!

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If you're considering this, you first need to change your name to muyloco
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+1 - NO!

No harm in asking, but that's one of those that scares me just to think about. Of course, lamp cord's not much more than speaker wire, but you can't run that in wall either
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F no! You might see if flexible metal conduit is acceptable in your area. that could be installed in a existing wall without too much effort.
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i believe in chicago it is all/only FMC/RMC
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lol, I have been enjoying all the responses. One other question....Ground?
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I always thought the metal conduit, when done correctly was the ground.
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FMC = flexible metal conduit

I think FMC would be easy to retrofit, for a power bridge.
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the conduit itself will not be considered the grounding element in the circuit., even if the continuity exists. There must be a dedicated ground wire inside the conduit, ensuring an uninterrupted path to earth ground.
Then again, your code may vary, consult the local authority of jurisdiction in your region.
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EMT, RMC and IMC are all acceptable equipment grounding conductors. See NEC 250.118.

FMC is only acceptable for use as a EGC when the sum of all lengths used to furnish a ground path in a circuit is less than 6 feet. Beyond 6 feet you need to pull a EGC or use MC.

What all that gibberish means is if your powerbridge is less than 6 feet long, you can use FMC (aka "greenfield", "bx") with no need to pull a ground (green or bare copper wire). Beyond 6 feet, you'll be pulling black, white and green. Or just use MC cable, which has a green EGC inside the armor already.

Subject to local amendments.. but I've never heard of any.

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