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Insignia NS-HD02 portable pulled

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I was looking into getting the Insignia NS-HD02 portable with Artist Experience, but it has been pulled off Amazon's and Best Buy's websites. Recently, I read a Radio World article covering the portable, and it appears to have a lot of problems with the display logic. Does anyone know if this is why it was pulled, and if a new portable will be coming out?

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I noticed this too.

Very disappointing.
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There isn't much of anything HD RADIO wise out there other than for cars...........
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I just bought a NS-HD02 off of Amazon for $30 shipped.
My 2nd HD radio purchase today.

Also the local Best Buy still actually had one in stock, and still at full price. So they haven't tagged them for clearance.

Also got an "upgraded" radio for the car, one which has both HD and RDS.
Once my car gets back from the mechanic, I will throw it in.
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Re: Not much coming out for HDRadio except for cars

Is the vehicle reception any better than it was 3+ years ago?

In my experience:
- Home tuners are great because they aren't moving and they stay locked onto the signal
- Auto tuners cut in and out from digital to analog and it's quite annoying. I'd be ok with this 50+ miles outside of town but in an urban environment, it was pretty sucky.

For me, in the Atlanta metro area, it seemed as though inside the perimeter (beltway) the digital signal was pretty flakey. Outside the beltway the digital signal was pretty good for a surprising number of miles. Now, I know there are building, etc. but wasn't the point of HDRadio to help fix that so that it was better than it was?

The fact that the home and portable HDRadio receivers seem to be disappearing isn't a good sign. It should be standard in every receiver now. You should have to look to find a receiver that isn't HDRadio at this point, if they wanted it to take off.
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I'm not sure I've ever seen HD radio integrated with a receiver, at least not at a ridiculous price. I think they're giving the home market over to streaming. The car market probably has more potential at this point for HD.
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