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Suggestions for a compact system

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Hello all,

I am in the process of setting up a "real" media/entertainment room in my basement. As I move my higher-end but bulky components to the entertainment room, I need a compact replacement system for my family room. Ideally, I need:

* A compact system, since my family room is relatively small, about 12x15
* A real 5.1 system -- not sure I could live with simulation via a sound bar after having had a decent (Acoustimass 10) system for many years. The front speakers can be included in a sound bar as long as there are separate rear speakers. Ideally, rear speakers would be slim and floor-standing, to avoid need for a separate stand or wall-mounting.
* Included DVD player and receiver (DVD player not a must-have)
* Several HDMI inputs
* In-built wireless internet connectivity, including at a minimum Netflix connectivity (no adapters)
* Wireless rear speakers and subwoofer (no adapters)
* Built-in iPod connectivity or Bluetooth availability
* Sound can be decent but need not be great
* Priced under $600

So far, the only system I have come across that comes even close to these requirements is Panasonic SC-BTT770. A couple of things I don't like about the BTT770 are: (1) The front speakers are somewhat large, and (2) The subwoofer isn't wirelessly connected.

Please let me know if you have any other suggestions for systems that fit the bill.

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I am also in the same search as you. Just bought a new 70" TV and want a decent sytem 5.1 (even I may not use the rear as I am not going to pull wire in the famly room. (FYI we already have a home theater in the basement)
so I went and listen to a couple of system
Yamaha for $400 the sound is not great IMO
Denon DHT-1312BA

so far I feel the denon is the only decent HT I found
I also liten to the panasonic with the BR incorporated but same far from the denon
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By the way I end up spending much more money but it was really worth it
I bought a Pionner Elite VSX60 with a Definitive Procinema 600
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