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With the same pc i could watch HD videos smoothly in windows...
but in linux i have some frame skipping... & the cpu gets hotter...
i tried to install the original nVidia drivers.
I tried VLC.
didn't help.

strangely GNOME MPlayer was difference
i set it to use vdpau (like i did in SMplayer)
i still got frames skipped
but i noticed that the cpu is real cool
& the gpu is getting warm by 5-7 degrees

i say strage because SMplayer is Mplayer
its just a frontend no?

i used "psensor" to check temperature
(btw, is there another app to test temperator? i need something that shows you the temp near the system watch)

anyway - i still got frames skipped...
do you have a suggestion?
i have a 2.2Ghz Core2Duo laptop
1Gb ram
128Mb nVidia card
& in windows it ran HD stuff good...
[i have xubuntu now]