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Samsung LN46C630 thin vertical lines

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Hi all,

I have a Samsung LN46C630 46" LCD 1080p TV that is about 2 years old. I have been getting thin vertical lines across the screen intermittently. Sometimes several times an hour, sometimes just once or twice a day. If I wiggle the HDMI cable at the TV input it goes back to normal. This occurs no matter which HDMI input I use and I have also tried a different cable and get the same problem.

Sometimes theses lines are all black sometimes they are multi-colored. (attached picture of a multi-colored example). Sound is fine and I can see the picture behind the lines no problem. I am not a skilled electrical engineer so I am really hoping this is a simple or at least cheap fix. Any help or input would be greatly appreciated!

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I have the same exact problem - how did you solve your issue?

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I also now have this issue. exactly like the above post! PLEASE...WHAT IS THE FIX?
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I have the same issue. Nearly the same situation. LN55C630 was bought two years ago. It was not until recently (July, maybe end of June 2012) that these vertical lines started appearing. At first it was a slightly darkened pictured caused by faint greyish/dark lines that graduated to colored lines that are very noticeable. In both cases wiggling either the HDMI cord or Coax Cable cord (plugged in for PIP) would temporarily fix the issue and the screen would return to a clear bright picture. Was this issue solved yet? Is it an issue with the Video board?
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I have the exact same problem with the same model samsung also just over 2 years old. Did you have any luck finding out what it is?

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Sorry for not checking back more regularly. The part which had to be replaced was the bn96-19190a Main Board. They charged me 180$ for it, but you might be able to find it cheaper. I would recommend just buying the piece and swapping it out (I'm assuming your TV is out of warranty). I watched the tech replace it and it basically amounted to unscrewing the back of the TV and unplugging the old board and swapping it with the new one. Save yourself 100$ in labor.

Hope that helps you all out.
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Sometimes lines like those are caused by loose connections and nad grounds.
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My LN64C630 recently started exhibiting the exact same behavior. But I haven't been able to find this part online (and in stock) for less than Ray said it cost him to have it fixed. Has anyone tried doing this themselves? Can you share where you found the part?

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