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Very cool, thank you for sharing.

Earl Geddes states he's achieved solid results with bed sheet usage for screen material, he recommends it. He details a specific procedure to give it the ideal characteristics.

Here's the What's Best Forum discussion of Earl's technique.

Good luck
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I found out few years ago that bed sheets where used in early days of cinema. There’s not a great deal of sound loss that can’t be compensated for though a bed sheet.

I got my eye focused on the SeymourAV which will be one of the new fittings sometime soon...
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integrated circuit board porn
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PCB Porn Circuit Board

Well I should get it back today. My friend prefers to put some good wires onto it about the same length of board.
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Short video made early this, year that I had to cut short as my friend only has one pair of hands and so do I and I had to adjust one of the several potentiometers.

Sound generator was REW outputting 1kHz sine wave.

The Dolby CP45 was connected to duel trace oscilloscope using the TP (test points) left and right connected to scope and selecting X Y button on the scope to display 45°. Then looking for errors in any bending in the top or bottom of the signal. All looked spot first time.

Afterwards tested amplitude which was only out by a tiny little margin that was easily corrected. Later also tested 10KHz sine wave.

Afterwards watched some vintage 6track Dolby Stereo Dolby TrueHD Logan's Run (1976) on the video projector.

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Got some vintage mono classic Casablanca (1942) on region 2 DVD playing at fader 7 this afternoon.

"I don't buy or sell human beings,"
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Just arrived though the post 20mins ago.

The look and sound of perfect

My first virgin HD-DVD title of Dragonheart and its still sealed.

Now all I need is good second-hand HD-DVD player and I’m equipped with Laserdisc DVD HD-DVD and bluray.

Dolby Digital Plus now we’re talking sound!

I like the red case and the desk top screen of Empire with its red seats. Did you not know that red is warm, pleasing colour. I just want rip the shrink-warp off and smell the case. But! I will be patient and wait until I have a HD-DVD player in the living room.

Even my Sooty approves of HD-DVD Dolby Digital Plus
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While I’m still waiting for my friend to drop off CopyCAT-67 card so I can do the EQ without having to switch the CP65 to bypass and removing the EQ module twice every minute, since last night and must have walked back and two from the living to bedroom some hundred times? It was tiresome and my
right foot is still aching LOL.

Yes sound calibrating and hard sometimes.

This afternoon I decided to remove the pc from the bedroom along with monitor keyboard and mouse and do it while seated and its been a bit comfortable, but still got remove the EQ module every few minutes.

I’ve placed the Behringer ECM8000 up close to each LF and HF and gone though the 27 bands and applied a few extra ones on DCX249 so far on the HF only a few bands where they’re needed. I’ve aimed for flat response and a lot of juggling with the bands up and down and up and down while checking with the sine wave (rather than pink noise) I’ll check it over again with pink noise once I have the CopCAT-67.

A quick listen to some region 2, DIE HARD 2: DIE HARDER (1990) 6track Dolby Stereo, chapter 18, phones are ringing and singing sweetly centre only carries cigarette-lighter, dialogue what sounds like fax machine or maybe computer that likes to bleep? Going back to the cigarette-lighter its click is heard on stage right just its centred on the screen and when it moves out of the frame its heard again as top is flipped back over on stage right.

Chapter 12 McClane hears a radio bleeping on stage left as he approaches the dead terrorist rolls the body over then removes the walkie-talkie just as some static hash is heard stage left then as its moved to centre of screen the static hash is heard again nicely without too much of jump or drop in the timber balance.

I like the way the score has whoosh on stage right as Barns looks at the radio.

No. This scramble mode must activate on this code panel. Even if we scan their frequency, we can’t listen in. These guys are pros.

I’ll run a REW frequency sweep in jiffy, to see what its like close up on each stage channel LF and HF but for now its quit firm and solid sounding not hard core or anything just smooth and easy to listen too. I purposely plaed a -6db crossover filter on the HF after listening to chapter 5, Capt. Carmine Lorenzo (Dennis Franz) was just a bit top end in my face or ears, as I haven’t yet began to start to roll off the HF to X-Curve I simply applied -6db equally over LCR HF down to 2.3KHz the very top, top end (the highs or syllabant sounds still make it though) might be a bit shallow around 16KHz but for now its good better than it was last night.

Short video that I played back on the same JBL 12SR centre only as the video is mono. I can still little parts of the room that needs some more treatment as well as carpet tiles!

Small easy to correct 3db difference between 4KHz and 6KHz I knew there would be tiny snag around this, range and the rest is not far off, just little bit more patience of a few hours to correct the HF and get it all sorted.

Red is centre
Green is Left
Purple is Right
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I don’t usually like music like this but for this one time it sounds cool on the opening with highs fading out though to middle range down to lows and panning over LCR and around on the matrix surrounds in Format 60.

A-bee(アービー) "MUSIC" from FLYING-GO-MOVIE Version0.89 (C) VOOV Recs

I like the NASA archive transcripts playing in the background of Apollo 11.

A-bee(アービー) "EDEN" from FLYING-GO-MOVIE Version0.88 (C) VOOV Recs

I haven't done any more EQ-ing today as I have to do the surrounds again and match the levels to the JBL control 12SR to JBL control 1 and I have x12 surrounds to go though. I'll be stuffed with sidewall as I only have one outboard 1/3 octave EQ wired onto rear back stereo surrounds.

I could wire in the Dolby CP55 and use its CAT-64 EQ to do the sidewall or better still do my best with what I have on hand and wait until I get the CP500 fully up and running as that as 1/3 for all 5 channels.

Wow that song/music wasn't bad cool and mellow.

Cool Moby with breathtaking moving images of waterfalls wow.
Moby - Chord Sounds

Cool non-sync with Moby
Moby - Extreme Ways ( from The Bourne Ultimatum )

Michael Kamen & Jean Sibelius - Finlandia (Die Hard 2 Soundtrack)
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Well my friend has dropped off the CopCAT-67 and it looks good nice simple wiring nice and tight ends on the terminal pins have had extra tinted ends so it should be good for so many uses.

I'll double check on the EQ from yesterday and go though the sine waves a lot quicker now.
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Brought a Toshiba HD-EP30 HD-DVD player last night for £70.00 plus HD-DVD films included still sealed! should be here within 2 - 3 days.

I'll have to figure out how I'm going to fit this, into the existing AV set-up one Bluray player or one DVD player no I have to keep Pioneer DV-515 connected that is multi-region!

I know I'll place it above the Sony Bluray player if it's not to deep or place it on the Phillips Bluray player and once in while I'll unplug the optical and video lead and swap them around into Toshiba HD-DVD player on AUX mode on the Yamaha.

Might be time to look for another second-hand AVR with 8channel input with more video inputs and optical and coaxial or maybe one with Dolby TrueHD and dtsHDMA not that I care for dtsHDMA but well there it is.

Unless I can get a device that has multiple inputs for video S-video RGB HDMI RCA phone optical and coaxial inputs.

Or push to get two more Alesis RA300 amps and unplug the speakers from Kenwood KRF-X9050D THX that's being used for powering the 4-zone surrounds and use that for second axillary mode connected to the Yamaha RX-V650 on one video mode and RCA phone and optical and I can get at least another 3 optical inputs 3 to 5 video modes total would be then around 8 or so with a few extra ones all sent though the Kenwood to the Yamaha without really necessarily spending out on new or second AVR.
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Chilling back with some LSO drugs this, afternoon that is the London Symphony Orchestra one many best in the world for scores like STAR WARS Superman the movie and James Cameron's roller-coaster ride ALIENS (1986) James Horner and scoring mixer Eric Tomlinson, gets my Dolby listening ears attention!

Going After Newt- Aliens

17. Bishop's Countdown (Aliens Soundtrack) - James Horner

Lows on the brass fill the room bass/mid LCR beat out HF horns bright and loud as they should be with nice directional spread of strings percussion and horns clashing away as drop-ship speeds away quickly from the atomic blast!

Hey we made it.
I knew you'd come.

19. Resoultion and Hyperspace (Aliens Soundtrack) - James Horner

Nice peaceful and haunting end credits score especially right at the end if some who walked out on the end credits missed the face huggers creping across the LCR left right to left. That was kinder a clue as there was one on the Sulaco.

Brass is super-bright as it should be its super-score and the musical notes are super-perfection.

Superman: The Movie - "Prelude and Main Title March" (Film Version)

Chasing Rockets John Williams Superman The Movie
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