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A moment of silence for my man Kryptonitewhite!

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So I was wondering where Jordan has been hiding, since I usually talk to him on facebook and youtube almost daily, and in the past couple of months I haven't heard from him at all. I thought that was a bit strange, and upon checking his facebook page, I found that he commited suicide in January. I was totally shocked by the news and couldn't believe it! After talking to his family, I found out that it was indeed true... So I just wanted to let everyone on the forum know what happened, and give him a shoutout for being one of the coolest, yet craziest basshead friends I have ever had. You will be missed, my man!


Sam Carter
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R.I.P. Jordan
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WOW! Thanks for sharing.

Rest in peace KW! You will be missed!

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I was wondering what happened to all of his crazy threads. It's too bad .. It brought a comic relief to AVS.

Rest in Peace, Jordan. We will miss you.
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My condolences to his family
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Man, I feel for the kids. Jordan seemed like a guy who merely loved life's simple pleasures.

There are lots of good folks battling with depression daily, and we often never know until it's too late.
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Holy ****, no way. As eccentric as he seemed from his posts, he did work on some cool projects.

A few of his later posts seemed to elude to some personal demons, an absolute shame if they consumed him.

Rest in peace Jordan, you will be missed.
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As someone who has battled with chronic depression in the past, I can think of no sadder news than to find out that we lost someone to this illness

RIP, J... I'll run the horns extra hot in your honor tomorrow.
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He will be missed - It was always fun seeing what he was up to.
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Wow ...my condolences go to the family
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Terrible news, I always enjoyed waiting to see what he was going to build next.
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Dude what the f***. Im shocked. I live here in the uk and had become great pals with this guy. I have always admired his threads. His upfront attitude and straightness. I cant believe it. I know sometimes he goes awol but put it down him doing other things. Really did not see that one coming. He was always so passionate about his ht and car audio. Jordan rip mate and my heart goes out to all his family.
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Wow, that is terribly sad. RIP KW. I read almost all of your posts over the years here at AVS.
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OMG! And to think of how his last thread went on this forum just makes the thought of his actions even worse! Man I remember following that thread super often since it went kinda amuck and actually thought about if he was really staying away because of it or if he had actually found himself in the pitts which he obviously was! MFG that really sucks and a few members should feel really bad about how they handled his last lashing out on here. I'm not trying to point fingers or blame anyone by any means but it just goes to show how people can really be in bad times just trying to find something positvie out of posting about stuff they truly recieve happiness from.

May everyone that follows this section with passion such as he had sound off with as low of a test tone as they can with their system as all he cared about was the lowest of lows (seriously no pun entended).

I know sometimes he would post over and over about the same thing but that is what truly made him happy and those that didnt understand his craziness, obsessiveness, redundance, and whatever else it could have been called then you just didnt know KW.

He will truly be missed by those of us that understood his ways and his twin towers thread should be a super sticky somehow with a little story about him as a pretext above where he actually started it. I would write something up but I've read much better reading from a bunch of you that could write something very touching.

Long live the thought of a super tapped horn that reaches to 3hz just for him

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....just plain sucks :0/ RIP KW
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for those who dont know or have been misinformed... his soul is not condemened to eternal damnation. just saying.... here's what i posted on his obituary.

i didnt know you buddy, but i feel your spirit. your love for music will carry you through to the other side. stay strong, do not fret on the past(everything happens for a reason) and make you... the new you, a better and more empowered soul. good luck on your new and exciting journey brother!
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How sad. He had such a great enthusiasm and bizarreness to his projects -damn the torpedoes - that brought a different wind to this forum occasionally.
Looking at his youtube vids with 20/20, with the splattered paint is eerie, they look foreboding. RIP.
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R.I.P. Jordan.

I'll miss his zany posts and projects.
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I'm sorry to hear this...Very sad news.
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That's really sad to hear. He was having some difficult issues around that time. I remember telling him he needed to step away from the audio pursuit for a while to reevaluate and hopefully his friends/family could help him through. And that I'd stop by if I could.

Knowing someone very similar to Jordan, I was worried how his pursuit could turn out. He said he probably had obsessive-compulsive disorder. And even though that term is used jokingly these days, it can be horribly depressing situation. What looks enjoyable on the surface can actually be a debilitating issue. It's a shame he was not able to get the help he needed and that friends/family did not notice the signs that seemed to be there.

R.I.P. Jordan. You will be missed.
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Speechless. You added more positive moments to my experiences on these boards than anyone. My life is better for having met you. You'll be sorely missed and not forgotten, my friend.

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So sorry to hear this, very sad indeed. My condolences to his family.

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very sad. leaving 5 kids behind is all the worse. sorry to hear it
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R.I.P. KW! I had great talks with Jordan about this hobby of ours, he will be missed. My condolences to his family.
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Man. I've had a few friends commit suicide over the years and the pain they felt is transferred onto the rest of the world. He was a great guy and brought so much to this world. He had his demons, we all do, and I hope anyone who reads this thread and sees the grief and love will go out of their way to make sure those they love are cared for. And if anyone is feeling as trapped as Jordan was to seek out professional help. There is a way to improve your world there is always hope and choice.

May he finally find a peaceful place amongst the stars and find that sound we was always looking for.

You will be missed Jordan. But not forgotten.

RIP buddy.


Ps I always loved his crazy ideas and in fact he inspired the Jupiter horn (which I'm going to remain kryptos horn).
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RIP KW, I only read a small part of the posts you have contributed but your passion for this hobby was more than apparent.

He was one of the DO-ERs around here and more can be said for that than the average poster. He wouldnt hesitate to post a video if you made a request or would not hesitate to give his $0.02 even if it was against the popular opinion.

He too was a major inspiration for my XXX sealed build as he was the one and only pushing for those in the very beginning. I regret that I was not able to share my build with him upon it's completion, but his fingerprints are certainly on it, and I know he will see it from on high.

I think we should all run our subs 40db's hot this weekend to commemorate KW and his passion for the lower octaves
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I don't even know what to say...The ONLY reason I posted a vid of my Mal21 was because he wanted to see it. His passion for bass knew no bounds.

I don't even have to look at the "last thread" to remember the "...jumping out with both feet..." comment he made. It struck me as odd then.

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Damn...Shocked...Not much to say that hasn't been already. A few weeks ago I was really starting to wonder about his super long absence. Figured he was in some sort of shenanigans or deep into something else. He took a lot of sh*! on multiple forums over his ideas and projects but he always kept his chin up and rolled with the punches. He was a character.
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Wow, terrible news - I too really enjoyed the passion that he so obviously had, and will miss his contributions. Condolences to his family, and to those who knew him personally.
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