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The new Dayton Audio DATS

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Anyone get ahold of one of the new Dayton Audio DATS kits yet?


I was recently looking around PE for their T/S measuring kit (was it the WT3 or someting?). To my surprise, i couldn't find it. Looks like this is the successor.

How accurate you guys think this thing is?

I have an oscilloscope but no function generator and setting up a test area with a breadboard for measuring T/S params is not something i want to do. But if this thing is accurate and easy to use (like the Omnimic) i could see myself grabbing one.

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I was just about to search AVS to see if anyone had additional info on this. Looks like a fairly new product.
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Darn, I have a WT3 I haven't even used yet.

I called PE and they said the WT3 hardware will work with DATS s/w, and it depends on whether True Audio will make the s/w available.

I emailed them and will post their answer here.
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Got my DATS kit yesterday.

After some fiddling around with the Windows USB Audio settings (as per the startup guide that comes with the DATS) i got the impedance curve below for one of my MA Audio 8" subs. Very quick and very easy. Hope it's accurate. Shows around 2Ohms at 0hz, which is promising for a dual 4ohm coils in parallel.

I think i have some small magnets laying around... anyone know what sort of weight is reasonable to use when measuring VAS? I might build a test box at some point, but i'm curious about trying the added-weight method too.
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I'd guess something like 20% of Mms, which would change Fs by ~19%.

Don't the instructions give a minimum recommended amount?
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I believe you can also just enter Mms with DATS and it'll back calculate Vas. That is if you know Mms from the spec sheet. It would be interesting if you could do the weight, box, and Mms methods and see how close they all are.
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I didn't see a recommended weight for the VAS measurement in the quick-start guide.... maybe it's listed somewhere in the help docs but i haven't looked yet. I started adding weight (via magnets). The first few attempts gave me an error, saying the Fs was not changed enough to perform the calculation. At 50grams, i got a VAS value of 0.2419cuft.

Updated pic attached. Maybe i'll remeasure using the known-volume approach once my sub box build is complete (hopefully some time this week). The volume has to be dead on, right? People generally mount the speaker basket-out so it doesn't take up an indeterminate amount of space? That might be tough for my box design.

I have some T/S params posted in my build thread (pasted below) that i dug up online somewhere... later i was unable to find them again, so i have no idea where i got them. They are completely different from what i've measured, so i'm guessing i must have found params for a different driver by accident. Glad i ditched my ported-design in favor of a 'safer' sealed setup. Still no idea how it's gonna sound. Guess i'll sim it in WinISD with these new params

Mystery online params i found:

Qts : 0.31
Vas : 0.753 cuft
Fs: 38.31 hz
Re: 1.5 ohm (dual 4ohm in parallel?)
Le: 0.71mH
Xmax: 10mm
Z: 2Ohm (dual 4ohm in parallel)
Qms: 4.23
Qes: 0.34
SPL 87.28
Pe: 250.
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I was doing some looking around PE thinking of building a sub and found DATS as well. Looks like WT3 users have an upgrade path to DATS for about $15.
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I'm not familiar with the old wt3 or the new dats so I have to ask...

Is this a new product (I'm guessing no) or is this the result of S+L finally legally forcing them to change the incredibly misleading (almost to the point of being fraudulent) name of the product?
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