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Is the $12.95 projector add a joke?  

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LOL...I noticed it was in the under $5000 forum.


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Yeah, a very poor joke at that. :)

They're dim, unfocused, and have a host of other problems. In short, you get your money's worth.
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Apparently this firm doesn't have the ability to use their spelling program & their marketing spiel seems amateurish at best. I actually bought something like this back in the early eighties.......basically a plastic sheet and directions in a large envelope.....ahhh to be young and gullible again:)
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Ok, now this is quite enough. $12.95 projector posts are now clogging up the forum. Dammit, we need an Under $13 USD forum now for those REAL cheapskates who don't want to spend more on a projector than they do for a DVD.

grumble, grumble.

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You know, I thought usabrian just happened to stumble across A2Z's website and posted the link, so I got a chuckle out of it and moved on. Now I realize that he was looking at a banner ad for this company, right smack dab at the top of the homepage for the AVS Forum website... and I don't think it's so funny anymore.

Money must have gotten pretty tight for AV Science to accept an ad for a questionable product like this. Giving A2Z the imprimatur of legitimacy by displaying one of its ads sullies the reputation of AVS as an authoritative source for home theater advice, products and services.

I hope David and Alan will reconsider the wisdom of accepting this ad. Its presence taints the forum.
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I thought it was an add for a BOOK on LCD projos!

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If only. They're selling a set of plans to build what is essentially a cardboard box with a magnifying lens on one end. You put the opposite open end of the box in front of your TV set's picture tube and voila!... instant CRT front projector. :rolleyes:
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I hear the black levels though are nothing short of spectacular.
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I noticed that ad being served as a banner here several weeks ago, I did revive an old thread much like this one to note it.
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David James, thanks for making me laugh. that wisdom sounds to close to why this silly split occurred.:p
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LOL... http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showt...hreadid=140272

Have no fear guys...It is almost over. :)
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