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Here's my situation...I have a Toshiba 65HX81 and i'm trying to get HD on it thru my Toshiba P772-S7215 laptop.On my old laptop I was able to do this, but after buying this one,no luck. I do use a "transcoder"between laptop to go from vga to component.With old laptop using intel graphics was able to do this successfully. With the new HD3000 praphics or whatever they ccall it,having a tough time.I used the transcoder setup un my plasma to test to make sure it was working and it worked like a charm. I run Dishnetwork thru component so I know the inputs are good on the Toshiba...I assume a timing issue..

My question is does anyone successfully use this graphics card,thru a laptop out to a RPTV? Especially this one? If so how and could you share your timings you put into the intel graphics control panel. Ihave DTD calculator,but the control panel allows you to do custom resolutions,so figure should be able to get it to work that way.Any opinions appreciated.Had Powerstrip as well but not supported with this card.