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HTPC wont display on plasma after reboot/shutdown

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G'day all

I'm having issues with getting my HTPC to display on my plasma (through an AVR) via HDMI.

It DOES work, but only if get everything up and running then unplug the HDMI cable from the HTPC and plug it back in again.

I have received some good advice in other forums but alas, nothing has worked so far.

The set up:

- HTPC connected to Pioneer VSX10-21 which is in turn connected to a Panasonic Viera. Both connections are HDMI.

- HTPC is Win 7 64 Pro, AMD FX 4100 Quad, 8GB RAM, Radeon HD6950. I use an iMON pad to run Windows media centre and Power DVD. I also have a Hauppauge HVR2210


- If I fully shut down the HTPC on the next start up, my AVR detects the HTPC but fails to display anything on my plasma. The HDMI indicator on the front panel of the AVR blinks slowly to indicate an error.


- if I power everything up then unplug the HDMI cable at the back of the HTPC and plug it back in again - hey presto - the win 7 start-up music chimes in, and I can log in. and everything works fine from there.

- I should add that the above process results in looks of derision and heckling from my other half, which makes the problem much worse!


HTPC displays just fine if I connect direct to plasma using HDMI

I have tried different HDMI inputs on the AVR; I have tried different HDMI cables - including different lengths.

All firmware/drivers are up to date.

Screen res on plasma and graphics card are set to appropriate levels. AVR is capable of the set resolutions - as evidenced by the fact it all works fine if I do the unplug/plug routine.

The problem exists regardless of which HDMI-in I use on the AVR.

I can use the same HDMI cables on all HDMI inputs on the AVR to playback from a notebook without issue (notebook is also an AMD, Win 7 64 machine)

I have also tried changing the start-up sequence of each device in the loop - no joy. (The fact everything works fine if I unplug / re-plug the running HTPC lead me to believe maybe the HTPC needed to be up and running before switching on the AVR. No start up combination has worked.)

Google/forum searches haven't helped so far.

An obvious work-around is to never fully shut down the HTPC, but I would prefer it if things just worked as they should!

I'm stumped. Any thoughts/questions/advice will be greatly appreciated. I am willing to bet I am overlooking something basic in my frustration!

Thanks for your help!
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This may help: http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showthread.php?t=1091403
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Hey thanks vddobrev, appreciate the response.

That gave me a new angle to attack, but sadly, no joy. I have tried a couple of different methods of EDID override from the link you provided, but sadly, no joy.

I am now completely stumped. I cannot work out why I am having this issue. I'm willing to bet it is going to be something fundamental I am overlooking, but I can't for the life of me work out what......

Thanks again for your help.
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I have this same receiver and a Viera plasma and have had similar issues. I believe it's a handshake issue. Turn off the Viera link on the plasma (this sync of the tv and avr is too fast when using hdmi) and when you turn on or recover the HTPC from sleep the avr needs to come on next and the plasma last. You also need to give the HTPC some time to come on before turning on the avr. I have an ssd drive so my time is about 5 to 8 seconds max.
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Thanks for the response jc....

I too am running an SSD and was beginning to think that was the problem.

I had a 'Eureka moment' when I read your post as it seems we have a very similar set up.

Sadly, no joy. I've tried just about every combination of start up / shut down sequence and timing I can think of - still no luck.

The fact the AVR does eventually recognize the HTPC if I unplug it then plug it back in has me puzzled.

Oh well, time for a 'thinking beer'...............
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Occasionally my PC has trouble getting through the HDCP of my Onkyo AVR and a cycle of the AVR power resyncs this and the HTPC comes through. I would highly suggest configuring your settings in the CCC to NOT auto-detect the monitors. This way the all your settings will remain every time you power up...

What CCC are you running? May as well start with 12.2 since that's the latest, right? Also, set the AVR to NOT pass any audio onto the display - this way the PC will see the AVR and NOT the display, every time. As far as the TV and how it syncs with your AVR I'[m totally unfamiliar with that process so maybe a "normal" setting would be in order if changing it didn't help.
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I have a 65" Viera and an Onkyo which occasionally gave me some problems depending upon the power-on sequence. I also get fed up with the constant screen flashing when switching between devices or when switching between movies and Media Browser so I bought a HDMI Detective. Superb device and cured my woe's permanently.

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