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Da-Lite High Power Owners - Need Pics

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Could I ask the Da-Lite High Power owners to post up some pics of your setups if you dont mind please ?

I am hoping to get a better understanding of where you guys have your projectors in relation to your HP screen.

If you could squeeze in a pic of your seating arrangement too that would be great.

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Not your typical setup, goes up and down each night, no room in this pill box for a real theater room or even a real screen size. Photo from my chair, one on each side of me. This is one of the last of the 2.8 HP screens sold before the change over....
Living room, work with what you got!
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chck the more recent posts in my build thread (link in my sig) for pics of how mine is set up...
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Only 2 people posting so thanks to you both I appreciate it. It looks like you are positioning the projector in its ideal spot. In regards to your seating, Doug I cant see yours but where you sit, is the screen uniform ? Chris, at the ends of your sofa, can you see the opposite side of your screen just as bright as the middle and opposite side ?
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you are welcome... fwiw, mine is one of the newer versions, the "grey" 2.4... 110", and i'm approximately 11 feet away from it... i really like it, although it does have a bit of splotchyness on "all white" material... my original one was replaced under warrantee, as it was really splotchy... this one is much better, i don't feel the need to have it replaced again... fwiw, i got it through avs, and i HIGHLY recommend them as a vendor...

yup, it's very "even"... i don't notice any brightness deviation on the "opposite side"... unlike the black diamond i had before (great screen, btw, for it's intended usage)... the bd also had noticeably dark corners, and significant hot spotting and "sparklies"... this was consistent with both the vivitek i had before and the mitsu i have now... the hp does not hotspot, and other than the blotchyness noted earlier, is very consistent from corner to corner...

in my case, the whole seating area is within the screen width... both of the "seats" are no more than about 10 degrees off axis, and virtually "in plane" with the pj... imo, this is key to getting good results... like any screen, either retro or angular reflective, you have to make an effort to position the pj in the ideal position to make the screen "happy"...
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The screen is uniform no matter where you sit. This is the weekend.. wait a week you will get more posts.
No one I know of has ever complained about uniformity issues with the standard HP screen bit it 2.8 or the current 2.4 The HCHP I have heard of slight issues but I have never seen that screen other than samples.
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Here is my set up. Epson 8350 with a 92 inch model C high power, denon 2112ci and Jamo S606. seating distance is about 9-10 feet. This set up works great. Before the high power I only had a bed sheet so I dont have much to compare it to but to me it looks great. Like the other posters I think my set up is pretty ideal. The projector is only a foot or 2 above eye level.
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i have a 14.5 ft wide hp2.4 and a 2.8 widescreen behind it. have had the projector at eye level and 2 feet higher..not much difference..4 theatre seat width not much side fading. but it drops after that.
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