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Originally Posted by scorpiontail60 View Post

I notice the difference between 720p and 1080p on my 32" display; anyone with a 40" set or larger could certainly benefit from more resolution.

I think even on a display as small as 32" the 4x increase in pixel density 4k would offer over 1080p would be pretty significant.

It's all about viewing distance isn't it? Things like the iPhone 4 and iPad 3 show that very high resolution displays on small displays are significant - but only because they are viewed at much shorter distances.

My gut feeling is that many people are upsizing their TV screens but NOT increasing their viewing distance (they aren't moving their sofas further from the TV when they change it!)

This means that the viewing distance/picture height ratio is decreasing, and thus people are appreciating higher resolutions more than they used to.

The difference between 720p and 1080p on a 28" display is much less visible than on a 65" display at the same viewing distance.
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From DigInfoTV

Did I say 4K? Pardon me, I meant 8K.


145-inch Ultra High Definition plasma display

NHK has announced a 145-inch Ultra High Definition plasma display, with 16 times the resolution of a regular Full HD display. This follows the 85-inch LCD display announced by NHK last year.

This prototype was co-developed with Panasonic. It has almost 34 million 0.417 mm square pixels, 7,860 horizontally and 4,320 vertically, and a frame rate of 60 fps.

This display uses a new drive system to stabilize the picture throughout the panel, by scanning several pixels simultaneously in the vertical direction. Even in a panel with about 4,000 scan lines, this achieves a stable picture without flickering.

"Even when viewed from 1.6 m away, this Ultra High Definition display makes you feel as if you're looking at a real scene. It doesn't use 3D technology, but the picture is so realistic, you feel truly immersed in the scene."

This is the world's first Ultra High Definition plasma display. As the pixels of a plasma display are self-emitting and the display therefore doesn't require a backlight, it has superior viewing angles, responsiveness and color reproduction.

"One major feature of this 145-inch Ultra High Definition display is that it gives a very even image at such a high resolution. Another big feature is, because it's Ultra High Definition, it efficiently shows 8K x 4K pictures, which have a huge pixel count."

"At present, we think this system will be used in commercial settings first, such as theaters, rather than in the home."

This new plasma display will be on show to the public from May 24-27, at NHK's Science & Technology Research Laboratories in Tokyo.

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Interesting that the plasma is 60Hz rather than 120Hz - as the revised SHV standard now uses 120p?
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