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Build your own LCD projector  

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Slashdot posted an article today, (google cache'd here: ) regarding building your own LCD projector for $150...

It's kind of a crazy experiment, but if you think about it, an LCD projector really isn't much more than what they're doing here (short of having your own menus and adjustments, which are pretty much unneeded if you add an HTPC).

What do you guys think?
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From what I read of the site, it is actually doable and might even be usable, unlike the stupid $12.95 100" TV promotions.

I think it is of educational value, but I would personally stick to a normal direct view before using one of those long term. Getting used SVGA projectors often isn't that much more money and probably would give much better looking picture.

I will say that it would be a great college or high school student after school project, and also a viable page to link to if anyone asks what they can do in the $200 price range.
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This looks like fun!

If i'd try to build my on pj I would do it to learn more about pj's or because I'm interested in technical solutions.

Don't expect any miracles compared to retail pj's.
Companies have a lot of engineers and knowledge,
A huge budget in research and development.
So again, do it for fun since the results might vary.

You probably won't have the specs. like lamp time?
fan noise (is measurable of course)
Lumens (also measurable)
then we have colors, sharpness.

It won't be much cheaper than a used pj.
spareparts might be expensive.

Good luck if you decid to try because it really seems fun.
Whish I had the time to build a pj.

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Oh, this would be great fun, as well as a tremendous educational tool. I have a cousin with a degree in Electronics, who might be very interested in this. What a great way to learn more about the tchnology :)

I'll keep you guys posted if I can talk him into building it :)
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I am thinking of doing this. However, there are a couple of things I don't understand.

If you place a light in the box with the LCD panel wouldn't it wash out the image.

Are they talking about using those old LCD panels that sat on top of an overhead projector. If so I understand.
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